Eyewitnesses On 9/11 Attacks – ‘Plane Wasn’t An Airliner’ [Video]

The following video is a collection of interviews filmed on September 11, 2001 showing accounts of first hand eyewitnesses who saw the planes crash into the twin towers.

A disturbing trend can be noted in each of the interviews; they all describe seeing a military style unmarked plane crash into the towers on that dreadful day on 9/11.


According to the video’s description:

I compiled all the live reactions of people describing the second plane in 1 video. As well as video footage of the planes.

Even if you don’t believe the video footage shows it was a military plane and that all the witnesses were wrong, the engine that flew out from the “supposed” United Airlines 175 crash did not belong to ANY of the missing 9/11 planes. In fact, NO United Airlines 767 in history has ever used that engine. (Murray Street Engine Photos)

Question: Why didn’t the CIA/Mossad paint the planes to look exactly like United Airlines and American Airlines?

Answer: Because there was always a chance that a fighter pilot would have intercepted the drones painted as airliners and shot down the plane. The plane would have then crashed in a random location, where normal police would arrive before Illuminati agents.