You don’t have to be a geopolitical genius to know that everything written about and reported on regarding ISIS, now known as the Islamic State, is pure unadulterated propaganda.

The stunning truth about who this ISIS creation is and where did they come from may make your blood run cold or send you into a fit of rage once you realise the full implications of the complicity involved.


When the state run news broadcasters like the BBC, MSNBC, CNN, and FOX first started promoting the ISIS propaganda, the first question that came to mind was…

  • Where did they get all those state of the art weapons, tanks, heavy vehicles and millions of rounds of ammunition from?
  • Where did they get all those nice brand new shiny Toyota trucks from, and why did MI6, MOSSAD the CIA not spot this convoy? Rapidly followed by several more questions like,
  • Where did they get all those nice ready made flags and quality made and neatly pressed black “ninja outfits”from?
  • Why do these so called fearsome terrorists cover their faces, is it because their “white faces” might give the game away?
  • Why do ISIS terrorists jump about in nice bright white Nike trainers?
  • Why do the most high tech nations on earth, Britain and the US who can land a tiny probe on a comet in space traveling at thousands of miles an hour and millions of miles away, “accidentally” drop weapons, food, ammo and medical supplies right into the lap of these  ISIS’s thugs?….on several occasions! Come on, do we really believe this nonsense?

Ben Swann, an ex mainstream media investigative reporter, exposes the truth that the state run mainstream media refuses to report. He tracks down the stunning information regarding what is really going on in the Middle East that will give you a disturbing and eye opening account of who is really behind ISIS.

Watch as Ben Swann tracks the origin of ISIS:

Of course the parallels with the west supported Neo Nazi Ukrainian and foreign mercenaries poking the Russian bear in the eye with a burnt stick as proxies for the Anglo- EU-US warmongers, is lost on No One!