New FEMA Regulations Demand Governors Bow To God Of Global Warming Fraud Or States Will Be Punished For Heresy

In the civilian world it is called extortion. From the perspective of the American people it’s a game of “Truth And Consequences.” If one holds to the truth on the phony, hocus pocus hysteria of manmade climate change, the wealth redistributor in the White House will inflict financial consequences.

He’s siphoning off the money of states with governors who disagree with his global government, United Nations push and doling it out like Earth Day heroin to those with the a sufficient lack character, intelligence, patriotism or spine who are anxiously awaiting the insertion of the federal IV.



It’s obvious coercion and a regime win/win. He’ll either get compliance or he’ll receive a political weapon to use against the governors of character, most of whom are naturally members of his political opposition. Those not willing to be purchased by the ideologues of the regime will be targeted for their fiscal responsibility as being irresponsible.

Beginning in 2016, FEMA, potentially the most dangerous, freedom-threatening tentacle of the federal government, will be approving what they term as disaster preparedness funds on a play to pay basis, requiring “hazard mitigation” plans for climate change. Simply changing the channel when a Democrat starts talking will not be considered to be sufficient mitigation.

They’re not talking chump change either. Inside Climate News reports,

“FEMA’s disaster preparedness program has been granting money to states since the 1980s for projects as diverse as raising buildings out of floodplains and building safe rooms. States are required to update their plans every five years to be eligible for the agency’s mitigation funding. Since 2010, FEMA has doled out more than $4.6 billion to states and territories as part of this program.”  

That’s a lot of the people’s money that’s already circled its way down the climate commode. Now that there is a political criterion, those expenditures have morphed from mere waste into the realm of anti-American political activism.

Speaking on behalf of the tyrannical Enviro-Nazis, Becky Hammer of the Natural Resources Defense Council said, ‘

“If a state has a climate denier governor that doesn’t want to accept a plan, that would risk mitigation work not getting done because of politics. The governor would be increasing the risk to citizens in that state.”

If the state is at increased risk from their governor, shouldn’t the all-knowing FEMA be providing more relief? Whose politics is preventing the “mitigation work” from being done and how do you mitigate against something that doesn’t exist? How do they define the term? Is any project acceptable as long as a climate pledge accompanies it?  If the emperor had clothes would it be easier for him to line up his putts?

Real disasters, such as hurricane, floods, tornados and the like will still trigger an agency response. It’s just the phony, made up plans of a primarily propaganda nature which will be affected.

One of the globalist experts, Barry Rabe of the University of Michigan tipped the government’s hand, saying,

“This could potentially become a major conflict for several Republican governors. We aren’t just talking about coastal states.” He referenced droughts, rainfall, tornado activity, fracking and earthquakes, adding, “This could affect state leaders across the country.”

Now drilling in the ground is affecting the climate? Isn’t that a bit extreme of a claim even for these nut jobs? Earthquakes are part of it too? Somebody please grab a paper towel and wipe the foam away from that guy’s mouth.

According to FEMA spokeswoman Susan Hendrick, the “gubernatorial approval clause” was added to “Raise awareness and support for implementing the actions in the mitigation strategy and increasing statewide resilience to natural hazards.” It could have been a good choice of words for the FEMA propagandist, characterizing forced compliance in benign-sounding terminology, but she labeled the threat as being an issue of resilience to natural hazards. Is FEMA admitting that any warming that is taking place is natural?

This program is not unlike the international redistributive programs managed by the United Nations, in which American money is handed out upon the condition of supporting the globalist climate claims. The “foreign aid” is delivered today and tomorrow, in the form of reparations for the evils of our past productivity, during the period of time when America wasn’t being strangled by its illegitimate government.


Left out of the new rules is any requirement or mechanism for public input. This is a decree; our opinions aren’t needed nor are they wanted. We the people who were “foolish” enough to elect responsible, moral, clear thinking people to lead our states must be punished for our impudence. That’s just how things are done in Obama’s new America.

FEMA is under control of the Department of Homeland Security, which is headed up by the globalist open borders anti-American operative Jeh Johnson. With his track record trampling the Constitution on immigration, and the virtual unlimited power that he wields with FEMA, all freedom-loving Americans should be concerned that the agency is now taking a step down the path of unilateral declarations exhibited in the dissolution of our immigration enforcement and the regime’s dictated criminal amnesty.

These people are dangerous and they won’t slow down until America has been conquered or they are out of power. Clearly there is only one viable option for the American people.

About the author: Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit