Former NASA Engineer: I Saw 9-Foot Alien on 1991 Space Mission

sts-44 By Joe Kelley| Former NASA Engineer Claims He Saw a NINE FOOT Alien on 1991 Space Mission

Clark McClelland was ‘part of more than 800 missions with NASA’

He claims he was watching one 1991 mission when he saw a 9ft entity

The ‘humanoid’ interacted with two US astronauts for a minute, he says

A man claiming to be a former NASA engineer is now claiming to have had a close encounter with an extra-terrestrial while monitoring a space shuttle mission in 1991. 

Clark McClelland claims the alien was humanoid in form, stood on two legs and approached two NASA astronauts in the cargo bay of the space shuttle.

While McClelland won’t reveal the astronauts or the shuttle involved in the alien incident, we do know that there were six shuttle missions in 1991. Shuttles flown in 1991 include the Atlantis, Discovery and Columbia.

McClelland’s Twitter bio:

Aerospace Engineer and Tech Assistant to the Apollo Program Mgr. Worked on Mercury, Gemini. ISS and Space Shuttle, as Spacecraft Operator (ScO) A UFO expert.

McClelland claims the U.S. government has stripped him of his pension and forced him to live on social security, despite insisting he has served on more than 800 NASA missions.

But in a series of YouTube videos, he implores the public to take him seriously.

‘I love my planet, I love our human race. I’m trying to serve all of you, if only you will let me,’ he tells viewers. (Daily Mail)

Astronauts and mission specialists that flew in 1991 include:

  • Frederick D. Gregory
  • Terence T. Henricks
  • Mario Runco, Jr.
  • James S. Voss
  • F. Story Musgrave
  • Thomas J. Hennen
  • John O. Creighton
  • Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr
  • Mark N. Brown
  • Charles D. Gemar
  • James F. Buchli
  • John E. Blaha
  • Michael E. Baker
  • Shannon W. Lucid
  • James C. Adamson
  • G. David Low
  • Bryan D. O’Connor
  • Sidney M. Gutierrez
  • James P. Bagian
  • Tamara E. Jernigan
  • M. Rhea Seddon
  • F. Drew Gaffney
  • Millie Hughes-Fulford
  • Michael L. Coats
  • L. Blaine Hammond
  • Guion S. Bluford Jr.
  • Gregory J. Harbaugh
  • Richard J. Hieb
  • Donald R. McMonagle
  • Charles L. Veach
  • Steven R. Nagel
  • Kenneth D. Cameron
  • Jerry L. Ross
  • Jay Apt
  • Linda M. Godwin