Giving The Soul Away!

Unbelievably powerful and truly extraordinary insight for our times thanks to Michael Tsarion. You will not want to miss listening to this short 20 minute discussion.


We are seeing very desensitized people; especially in the youth. People who will do anything to avoid negative feelings that they themselves are therefore, choosing to lose their souls.

Turning off the emotional switch allows them to become so ungrounded, avoiding any responsible spiritual homework and instead, upping the usage of drugs and/or alcohol in order to repress feelings.

Closed off from their own emotions, they cannot have empathy for others. This type of sterile individual is the desire for those in control.

During this short discussion, one can see these exact words coming to fruition this very day. Find out what the very near-term future holds and why.

The future that lurks called techno-topio; the end of the human era. WATCH:

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