Baltimore Riots: State of Emergency Declared, National Guard Arrives (Listen to Video)

BALTIMORE —Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order Monday declaring a state of emergency and activating the National Guard after police officers were injured and fires were set throughout the city.

WBAL-TV 11 News reporter David Collins reported at 10:50 p.m. that National Guard trucks were seen leaving Camp Fretterd.

A citywide curfew to starts Tuesday night. Speaking Monday evening, the mayor issued a curfew to start at 10 p.m. and last until 5 a.m. on school nights. The curfew starts at 9 p.m. for those 14 and under.

“I did not make this decision lightly. The National Guard represents a last resort in order to restore order. People have the right to protest and express their frustration, but Baltimore City families deserve peace and safety in their communities, and these acts of violence and destruction of property cannot and will not be tolerated,” Hogan said. (source)

Baltimore mayor openly admits to protecting and aiding the rioters (Say What?)

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National Guard ARRIVES in Baltimore as police commissioner admits rioters ‘outnumbered us and outflanked us’ (Listen to Corporate Media whore, Megan Kelly. She’s good at getting the infighting between her and the other talking head quests)

So, this is completely normal and organic?

And this has nothing to do with How to Control a Nation via the Divide and Conquer Agenda?

And if both the police and national guard cannot handle this situation, hmmm what Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution) to come   …Blue Helmets (United Nations)?

Is this a planning for some coming event that will create domestic riot control? You have to watch the video: