Michelle Obama Promises To CONFISCATE ALL FIREARMS Before Leaving The White House

Well it appears that Michelle Obama is not yet done championing her own agenda. According to recent reports, Michelle recently decided to appear in Chicago to beg for more gun control. Chicago was an interesting choice for the venue, given that they have both the strictest urban gun control laws, as well as the highest homicide rate in the nation.


Also true to the Obama way, Michelle decided to make herself the focal part of the story. When she spoke of Hadiya Pendleton, the teenage girl who performed at the Obama’s Second Inauguration and was shortly after killed by gun-fired, she couldn’t help making the story about her own struggles.

“Hadiya Pendleton was me and I was her,” Michelle told the audience, “But I got to grow and go to Princeton and Harvard Law School and have a career and a family and the most blessed life I could ever imagine. And Hadiya, well we know that story. Just a week after she performed at my husband’s inauguration, she went to a park with some friends and got shot in the back.”

In addition to talking about herself, Michelle took the opportunity to push stricter gun control laws in Chicago. The agenda is nothing but hypocritical, given that both she and he children are provided armed guards wherever they go.

What do you think of Michelle’s statement? Is she just making the problem worse?

source: americannews.com

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  • alex

    fuck out of here its my right to bear arms not a privilege that you can take away. our admendment can’t be over written cause you let criminals have guns.

  • Dan Wertsbaugh

    I grew up around and learned to respect, not fear guns! But times have changed. Ronald Reagan threw the ‘Intellectually Disadvantaged’ out on to the streets. In this ‘Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease’ culture, the loud, obnoxious and mentally unbalanced gets all the publicity but NONE of the cure! When one is mentally unbalanced and easy to anger, a gun makes it REAL EASY to kill! TOO EASY!

    • Sheep Media

      All the world’s a stage. Anything shown on the MSM news regarding shootings has some ties to being infiltrated or a false flag. Your reality is not yours. Get rid of guns, face DEMOCIDE. Look up the word or do a search on this website to see what DEMOCIDE occurs when guns are gone. I have one and will probably never use it. I trained and clean etc, but I don’t enjoy it. My sister too and she’s bipolar, but in 24 years, even on meds or not on them …never used it.

  • Todd Ford

    I am 2a activist and a libertarian that isn’t fond of liberals. But, I don’t see the part where she promised to confiscate all fire arms anywhere? That’s the information I would like to see. Idc how much she flaps her gums about herself. Can you provide this information?

  • Tim

    good luck with that. My guns aren’t going anyplace without me…

  • max

    God, you folks are great liars. I know it’s impossible for anyone who can write in complete sentences to be so stupid as to believe this drivel but I guess you have a lot of sheep who will follow this “logic” so I must grant you respect for the gathering of your herd.

  • The Obamas suck

    Michelle Obama threatens to confiscate all firearms, to which I say, and you may quote, do it then betch

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