Social Conditioning of the Masses for the Coming One World Fascist Government


Julie Telgenhoff| It is called “social conditioning” of the masses via covert and non-transparent forces to where over time, in addition to repetition (the greatest tool for mind control is: repetition) a generation is stolen and what would have been deemed an atrocity in the past, is now considered the norm.

We need a larger populous of people to begin to open their eyes and face the ugly truth of what their future holds. A future where the rule of law is in the hands of a select few …some call them the globalists, the elite, even the powers that be.

Every American NEEDS to SEE THIS!

This one world governance will be one where there are only the VERY FEW SELECTED WEALTHY and the VERY, VERY POOR. There will be no middle class to which is always the economic strength of any country. 

By now, most should have taken notice of the amount of small businesses (the largest majority that makes up that middle class) that have had to close their doors due to the poor economic conditions in the US. The 2008 economic crisis was never fixed; just another bubble, and the temporary fix (more like a bandaid) was for the federal reserve to continue to print money out of thin air and give to the “too big to fail banks.”.

The challenge we face today is that over time, too many bubbles have been created, and they were never corrected therefore, definitely in my lifetime, we WILL witness some kind of economic collapse. To what severity, no one but an “insider” could possibly know.

With BRICS, the US petrodollar is no longer being considered the global currency, and a monetary reset will occur once most countries are no longer using this “backed by nothing” federal reserve note.

When the Trans-Pacific Partnership (coined NAFTA on steroids) is passed into law, we will be witnesses to a corporate coup d’etat. That will further destroy our sovereignty in addition to the same group of individuals, in the know, having accumulated all the resources and wealth on this planet.

A one world tyrannical governance is not too far away. Unfortunately, the US must be brought down to a 3rd world country by a tectonic shift of wealth accumulation going from the West and moving to the East; Asia, but more specifically China.

US Disarmament must also be executed too.

Prepare for tough times ahead. We must keep ourselves in balance in addition to getting actively involved within our local community so that we will be there for each other when we become more burdened from this “by design” and planned challenge that lies ahead of us. 

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