REVEALED: The One Thing Cancer Foundations DON’T Want!

Do charities really want to find a cure for cancer?

Not likely, since the top administrators are making multimillion dollar salaries to promote the illusion that they are researching the cure, but in reality, if a cure is found the American Cancer Society will immediately disband. That is not a motivation for finding a cure; instead 80% of the funds collected go to overhead while 20% go to drug intensive research.


Most of the people who work for these large charities are  completely unaware that the cancer industry has no intention of finding a cure.

Cancer is not a drug deficiency, it is a disease generated by a compromised immune system. in the below video, cancer researcher Ty Bollinger shares his thoughts on the many foundations raising hundreds of millions of dollars to help find a cure for cancer.

The Surprising True Causes of Cancer: Revealed by Dr. Coldwell


  • Annie Hall

    It’s even worse than that, I suspect. I think the ‘medical industry’s (big pharma mostly) made up diseases to explain the symptoms of parasite infestations to create a whole industry that deals drugs for every parasite infestation symptom, versus really getting rid of the underlying cause, so instead of just some anti parasite drugs, (as always nature’s herbs work far better than their toxic crap– it only takes 3 herbs and a zapper which runs a frequency thru your body that kills the ones that have escaped your digestive tract, which you can’t even feel hardly This way, they get to sell a ton of different stuff, and pretend they’ve cured you, knowing with the parasite load so heavy that you manifested symptoms, it won’t be long till you’re back with another symptom (disease).
    The fact that the trolls on here really go after you if you talk about your success with using Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocol (even had one ‘mod’ over on ‘Curezone’, a site that has whole threads dedicated to Dr. Clark’s work, so it was pretty obvious she was way out of line aka a ‘paid spin control consultant’ aka troll—infiltrator obviously) delete my posts about it, saying she thought Dr. Clark was a fraud and shouldn’t be allowed to waste people’s time here, or some such.

    Luckily, when I reported her to the site owner, all my post suddenly reappeared. They do try—after all, that’s what they’re being paid to do. If you realize that the medical industry and it’s primary contributor, big pharma are owned by the same group of people as own that murderous company, Monsanto, it doesn’t take much to make the leap into believing while they’re touting all the good they do, just like Monsanto, probably they aren’t really trying to help us—just steal all our money as we desperately hope for a cure. But really ALL they’re doing is slowing down the rate at which we’re dying from their ‘diseases’. That’s all drugs actually do.
    And ‘cancer’? From personal experience, I’ve discovered it’s really just a nasty internal fungal infection (which they’ve taught doctors to misrecognize as ‘cancer’) Different parasites are, I believe, infected with different pathogens like the fungus or virus (HIV anyone–which is why they can’t predict if you’ll get AIDS because it’s the parasite’s disease which if you don’t have enough of which ever toxin needed to break your immune system down enough for the parasites and their guest to be able to spread) so that when your body gets overloaded with parasites, which disables what’s left of your immune system and the pathogen then can start spreading and making you sick with one of their ‘diseases’. I am completely ‘cancer’-free because I’ve dealt with it as a fungal infection. Olive leaf extract is a primo anti-fungal (without ANY side effects unlike the big pharma’s versions of stuff which always have some—on purpose, I think, so you need more drugs to counteract them) and colloidal silver and a zapper with the frequency to kill fungus. Plus I’ve been keeping my body more alkaline as a researcher in the 30’s discovered and actually won a Nobel prize for that cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment. But that’s true for all pathogen. They need acidic. Oh yeah—these people (pretty much only at the top level though–the doctors, nurses and technicians are all trained in the big pharma-backed medical schools though where they’re properly indoctrinated not to ask any questions, just blindly believe what they’re told) are the same bunch trying to toxify us with Round-up and stuff. Once you realize they need you to be as toxic as possible for their parasites and pathogens to grow enough to manifest one of their ‘diseases’, it’s easier to understand why such companies as Monsanto exist and do what they so ruthlessly do.