The United States Has A Cure For AIDS: Here Is The Patent

By Steven Bancarz

Before we look at the cure and the actual patent, let’s consider something for a minute.  If the US were to actually discover a cure for AIDS and release it to the public, the consequences would be so impactful that the government would be forced to scramble to make up for the massive resource gap.  Let’s consider some numbers.


In 2013, funding for the global HIV and AIDS response reached its highest ever level with an estimated $19.1 billion made available for programmes in low and middle-income countries.

Where is all of this money coming from? Domestic sources accounted for the majority of global HIV funding (53 percent) – $9.9 billion.  That is money coming from campaigns and donations which try to raise money for AIDS research. In 2012, international investment in HIV programmes by donor governments was an estimated $8.9 billion.  This is money coming in internationally to attempt to provide AIDS relief and continue the research for a cure.

We have to understand that AIDS is a $20 billion dollar industry.  That $20 billion dollars is paying the salaries of tens of thousands of people who work for drug companies, who are researching, managing documentations, performing trials, handling finances, logistics, prevention, training, campaigning, etc. Let’s talk specifics.


In October of this year, the University of Buffalo received a $3.85 million dollar grant for AIDS clinical trials.  A 4 year $20 million dollar grant was given to Harvard University a few years ago from the CDC for clinical trials.  Oregon State University received a $25 million dollar grant for AIDS research this year.  The University of North Carolina received a $1.5 million dollar grant for AIDS research and training in September of this year.  The list goes on and on.

So if a cure was found and released publicly, the US economy would be out 20 billion dollars, would be unable to pay people who are employed under jobs related to AIDS research because there would be no AIDS research to be done.  Jobs would be lost, campaigns would end, grants would cease, and donations from the public would stop coming in.  Not to mention, an estimated 2 million people die from AIDS each year, so population increases would be another issue they would have to deal with.

A patent has been held by the US patent office which claims to have found a means to kill the AIDS virus within humans by the use of a molecular scale tetrasilver tetroxide crystal.  This patent is owned by Dr. Marvin S. Antelman. Here is a link to the patent that was filed almost 2 decades ago.



Here is the abstract of the patent:

“The diamagnetic semiconducting molecular crystal tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag4 O4) is utilized for destroying the AIDS virus, destroying AIDS synergistic pathogens and immunity suppressing moieties (ISM) in humans.
A single intravenous injection of the devices is all that is required for efficacy at levels of about 40 PPM of human blood. The device molecular crystal contains two mono and two trivalent silver ions capable of “firing” electrons capable of electrocuting the AIDS virus, pathogens and ISM. When administered into the bloodstream, the device electrons will be triggered by pathogens, a proliferating virus and ISM, and when fired will simultaneously trigger a redox chelation mechanism resulting in divalent silver moieties which chelate and bind active sites of the entities destroying them. The devices are completely non-toxic.”

This is not the only patent!

If you read the patent document, you will notice that he says he based his patent off of a FORMER patent numbered at 5,336,499 which discloses the destruction and inhibition of bacteria, algae and the AIDS virus in nutrient life supporting systems by using said silver oxide devices. Example 3 of saidpatent discloses that 18 PPM of said crystal devices could totally suppress the AIDS virus (page 6, line 5). Subsequent to the filing of the aforementioned patent, further testing revealed complete 100% destruction of the AIDS virus in vitro at 20 PPM, and the fact that said devices were harmless when ingested and inhaled, being non-toxic.  Here is a link to the patent he was referencing.

As the patent says, “This invention relates to a molecular scale device not only capable of destroying the AIDS virus, but of purging the human bloodstream of pathogens and restoring immunity to AIDS patients of the candidiasis and wasting syndrome categories. Said molecular device consists of a single crystal of tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag4 O4). The crystal lattice of this molecule has a unique structure since it is a diamagnetic semiconducting crystal containing two mono and two trivalent silver ions, which in effect are capable of “firing” electrons under certain conditions which will destroy AIDS viruses, other pathogens and immune suppressing moieties (ISM), not only through the electrocution mode, but also by a binding process which occurs simultaneously with electron firing, namely, binding and chelation of divalent silver, i.e., the resulting product of the electron transfer redox that occur when the monovalent silver ions are oxidized and the trivalent ions are reduced in the crystal.

The binding/chelation effect occurs at active sites of the AIDS virus, pathogens and ISM. Because of the extremely minute size of a single molecule of this crystal, several million of these devices may be employed in concert to destroy a virus colony to purge a life support system of ISM and pathogens with the consumption of only parts per trillion of the crystal devices. Thus an optimum of 40 PPM of the devices by weight of human blood was found to be sufficient to completely obliterate AIDS.”

The patent claims the three following things:

1. A method of treating AIDS-afflicted humans comprising injecting a multitude of tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystals into the bloodstream of the human subject.
2. A method for increasing white blood cell counts in AIDS-afflicted humans comprising injecting a multitude of tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystals into the bloodstream of the human subject.
3. Methods of treating AIDS-afflicted humans according to claims 1 and 2 wherein the concentration of said molecular crystals is approximately 40 PPM of the total blood weight of the human subject.

So here we have a patent that was granted by the US Patent Office for effectively treating AIDS within human the human bloodstream.  Below is a list of all of the other patents this guy holds, some of which were granted as treatments for both AIDS and cancer:

Please share this article, and let’s spread awareness about the profiteering and suppression of knowledge that is happening for the sake of economic advancement.  We already have a cure, which is not being further tested or utilized because of the impacts a cure would have on the Western economy and employment.

Sources: Listed within the article

About the Author: Steven Bancarz is the creator of ‘Spirit Science and Metaphysics‘ where this article first appeared.  Thanks for taking the time to read this article