Ringo Says Paul DIED in 1966



VIA|The former drummer of the Beatles, Ringo Starr, surprised the world this morning during an interview in his luxurious Californian residence, when he admitted that the 45-year old rumors about the alleged death of Paul McCartney in 1966 were actually true.

In an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Inquirer, Mr. Starr explained that the “real” Paul McCartney had died in a car crash on November 9 1966, after an argument during a Beatles’ recording session. To spare the public from grief, the Beatles replaced him with a man named William Shears Campbell, who was the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest and who happened to have the same kind of jovial personality as Paul.

“When Paul died, we all panicked!” claims Ringo, obviously very emotional. “We didn’t know what to do, and Brian Epstein, our manager, suggested that we hire Billy Shears as a temporary solution. It was supposed to last only a week or two, but time went by and nobody seemed to notice, so we kept playing along. Billy turned out to be a pretty good musician and he was able to perform almost better than Paul. The only problem was that he couldn’t get along with John, at all.”
William Shears Campbell, better known as Billy Shears, does indeed “disappear ” from records in 1966 and traces of him can be found after Paul’s alleged death.
These pictures from 1966 show the great resemblance between Paul McCartney on the left, and William Shears Campbell on the right, at the time of McCartney’s alleged death.
 Mr. Starr alleges that the group did send out a lot of hidden messages through the years to prepare the population for the truth.
He notably says that the entire Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album was awash with Paul-is-dead clues: the Beatles had indeed officially formed a “new” band featuring a “fictional” member named Billy Shears, which happened to be the actual name of Paul’s replacement.
“We felt guilty about the deception” added Ringo Starr. “We wanted to tell the world the truth, be we were afraid of the reactions it would provoke. We thought the whole planet was going to hate us for all the lies we had told, so we kept lying but sending subtle clues to relieve our cousciousness. When the first rumors finally began about the whole thing, we felt very nervous and started fighting a lot with each other. At some point, it was too much for John and he decided to leave the band.”
Ringo Starr claims that he finally decided to tell the truth, because he was afraid that it was going to die with him. At age 74, he is the only other surviving member of the famous band besides Paul McCartney, and he was afraid the deception would never be revealed.
According to Ringo Starr, the cover of the Abbey Road album was a hidden message to the world, symbolizing a funeral procession. John Lennon, dressed in white, symbolizes the clergyman. Ringo Starr, dressed in black, symbolizes the undertaker. George Harrison, in denim jeans and shirt, symbolizes the gravedigger and McCartney, barefoot and out of step with other members of the band, symbolizes the corpse.
The rumors of Paul’s death began more than 45 years ago, but had always been dismissed as nonsense by the band and its entourage. In September 1969, American college students published a series of articles in which they claimed that clues to McCartney’s death could be found among the lyrics and artwork of the Beatles’ recordings. Clue-hunting rapidly proved infectious, and within a few weeks, it had become an international phenomenon. Rumours only declined after a contemporary interview with McCartney was published in Life magazine in November 1969.
Neither Paul McCartney nor anyone from his entourage have commented Ringo Starr’s declaration yet, but the interview has already provoked a lot of reactions around the world. Journalists and paparazzis from around the world have surrounded the residence of the musician only minutes after the interview was broadcasted and are awaiting for the star to comment the allegations.
The British MI5 also announced an investigation to determine if an impostor could have indeed posed for 48 years as the Member of the Order of the British Empire, Sir James Paul McCartney, during official ceremonies involving Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Guys…I am a fan of your site…but…please check your sources…(although I wish is was true) this was published by a “funny unreal” news site…(which I do not remember but it was already few weeks ago…)

    • John

      Agreed. This article hurts your credibility. Retract and make a statement.

    • Brian

      you realize this website is satirical, right?

  • Amy


  • copper fly david

    I cannot be surprised because their manager is a child of satan.
    They wanna control all resources including all musicians.
    The most important factor for them is to deceive and manipulate the public
    this is why they needed the Beatles so badly like today’s celebrities.

    Humans would publicized the death of PMC.

    But someone can see the future of the control when not a celebrity but anyone could be changed by sophisticated robots. (Even more for one person at the same time.)
    I can just imagine a better world. “The contemporary history of English Democracy and Parliament” written by bloggers like David Icke.
    Detailing how the Members of Parliament are enjoying the life raping and killing innocent homosexual kids while they are in perfect safety from the scrutiny of their friends sitting in higher offices.
    So changing these child victims to robots could be called a great and reasonable improvement of our society.
    I just cannot escape seeing the picture of a male young robot is sucking leonbrittny before he went for his paycheck to the parliament.


  • roy

    I’ve been listening to The Beatles since I was 7 if you listen to the music you’ll hear all kinds of clues about Paul’s death. in the original album on Abbey Road Paul had OPD on his right arm and a cigarette pointing down to the ground.

  • Kathy Tittle

    So what happened to the body? Why didn’t his family come out and say something?

  • JT

    “In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Inquirer” Lol, such a trusted source!

  • john

    Well, mr.shears has an writing style that is incredibly McCartney and he’s a lefty with amazing musical talent… I just don’t buy this…

    • stu

      his bass lines are basic as fuck

  • I Vallone

    Last week I read Yoko Ono said she had a “relationship” with Hillary Clinton 50 years ago. Now I’m reading Paul McCartney died 50 years ago. WTF are these revelations supposed to accomplish? Stop with the bull crap. The now generation believes everything.

  • lynne Hudson

    What a load of bullshit !!! What next !!! Ringo Starr can sing I suppose !!!!!

  • Jen

    My step mother showed me a life magazine with pictures of paul dead with tire marks on his body… Couldn’t be true

  • George Waring

    I think this is sorta true, a Paul McCartney died. Paul McCartney is not a person but a stage name. They could have said William Sheers Campbell as Paul McCartney. Just like Richard Starky as Ringo Starr, or today Dwayne Johnson as The Rock.

  • Voyager

    This story, just like a lot of the other crap on this website, and many of the other so-called ‘truther’ sites, is all about drawing you in and hoping you click on a few ads and earn them a bit of money. So much for being disconnected from the matrix – they’re just another part of the capitalist machine in a thin disguise.

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  • Lost Wanderer

    When did Paul and Linda marry? Would she and his kids go along with the lie all these years? I highly doubt Ringo, if he rally wanted to finally lift the ‘guilt’ off his shoulders would use a rag publication to do it. Even “Caitlyn Jenner went to the top to let his/her secret out.

  • Bob

    How truly fortunate the world is that the Fake Paul McCartney not only looked and sounded like the original, he could also compose timeless classic melodies like “Let it Be”, “Hey Jude”, “Band on the Run”, “Live and Let Die”, “Ebony & Ivory”, and so forth.

    In terms of winners of a look-a-like contest, the Beatles in particular and music fans in general really lucked out with this Billy Shears dude!

    • Jehan Mir

      Don’t forget ‘I will” , Here Comes the Sun” .

      • Boon

        Here Comes the Sun is by George Harrisson.

  • Jehan Mir

    Where is the alleged late Paul McCartney is burried? How did they hush up the family members and any disputes over his wealth? Seems Ringo is taking a bit too much Hahish these days. Nonetheless, Britisf MI5 will find out.

  • Bridge

    Ringo is only confirming what many of us have known for years. It was hard for me to believe for a long time but research it and see! Many things start to make sense and the original Paul was a much gentler personality. So many so called ” conspracy theories” are proved right later on. It’s just that we don’t want to believe that we’ve been duped for a long time.

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  • Fred

    Hey you gullible pussies, the Hollywood Inquirer does not exist. Try going to http://www.hollywoodinquirer.com/ and see for yourselves. This calls into question all the other fantasyland stuff on this schoolboy site. But you all fell for it so the owners of this site must be laughing their nuts off!

    • Ryan

      Yea. All this “fantasy shit” like actual executive orders passed by congress giving insane powers to FEMA. Or actual locations of properties that arent prisons but for some reason, could be. Im with you man. It was 5 guys with boxcutters…right?

      • Steve

        Executive orders are written by the president hence the designation, executive, as in executive branch. Congress passes legislating.

  • Ryan

    Interesting story but these repies are the best part. Who gives a shit about Paul McCartney?

  • Paul never fucking died. He became a Luciferian, therefore he lost his innocence.
    It was the death of the innocence of Paul, Not the death of his body.

  • Paulie

    and I said No No No I can’t read this no more, I’m tired of the tales being said. No thank you please, its just a mind tease that the Beatles did to mess with all our heads.

  • Mitzi Moon

    Known Paul all my life. Same guy, same scars, same moles, same freckles, same dimple, same fold in his ear, same girly laugh when he’s tipsy.

  • linda H

    Interesting. Always has been.
    Been a fan for years. And frankly, I thought it was odd to ‘pretend’ Paul had died. Later, Paul
    said it was a gimmick, a way to get their new music on the radio. …
    but who would joke that their pal and brother was dead??? Also consider this:
    1. The singing voice known as Paul, is different, beginning around Sgt Peppers . It has the same timbre and similar range but it’s far more raspy and rock and roll.
    2. I also think we all know that the instrumentals could be done by anyone in a studio.
    3. Remember, the Beatles STOPPED live touring around this time. They claimed it was because John no longer wanted to tour, and none of them enjoyed it.
    4. And I have one more point: Stella McCartney. Stella looks absolutely nothing like Linda, Paul, Linda’s family, Or the photos I have seen of Paul’s family, either. If someone can find photos of Billy Shears’ family members, it would be interesting to see them. Very interesting.
    The world was madly in love with McCartney in 1966. He had God like status. If he had died, I can understand using a double at that time. Not saying it’s true or false, but I can understand doing it.
    As for ‘wouldnt Linda know, etc’,…..maybe they didnt even tell the family members and girl friends. Maybe Linda did believe she was married to McCartney. Who knows? Paul had a tight entourage; they could have kept a secret

  • It’s on the internet– it must be true!

  • Profit Allen Arledge

    Wow! No way!

  • afftongrown

    If Paul truly died, would there not be a death certificate or obituary?

    • Slipmatwax

      Well not if everyone tried to cover it up