CA Lawmaker Invokes FORCED Vaccinations or Internment & Re-Education Camps at Vaccine Bill Rally

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Editor’s note: What parents need to do immediately is to call their local school and say “I’m removing my child before the next semester because of the mandatory vaccine law.” Schools lose about $9,000 for every child removed, so even 10 children removed would have an impact. When school officials see 1/4 to 1/2 of their budget “disappear” (especially before the school year “starts”), then you’ll see concern for “exemptions” disappear too. Hit them where it hurts parents ($$$). This is just the beginning IF parents allow this “FORCED VACCINATION” Bill to become law.

Debate over Senate Bill 277 again turns provocative.

Bill would require vaccinations for all California school children.

(Sacramento Bee) During a rally against a California bill making vaccines mandatory for school children, a Republican lawmaker from Fresno galvanized the crowd by invoking forced internment camps.

Senate Bill 277 would make vaccination a condition of enrolling in private and public schools, which opponents have castigated for depriving children of an education. That argument temporarily derailed the bill in the Senate Education Committee and was featured prominently in Tuesday’s rally.

“I wouldn’t call it a concentration camp,” said Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, “but they’re suggesting (children) go some place other than public school.”

Later in his speech, Patterson said that he “thought we apologized for internment camps,” an apparent reference to the separation and confinement of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Asked after the rally to explain his comments, Patterson said it was a “bad choice of words” but reiterated that SB 277 is “excessively punitive.”

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