Interview With An Illuminati Wife Who Tells All!


1998 interview with Illuminati whistleblower directly names individuals within the military

(INTELLIHUB) — The following four videos document a startling number of claims made by whistleblower Kay Griggs whose husband was a member of the cabal.

Griggs abusive military husband apparently revealed his dark secrets during many drunken moments and, in 1998, Griggs decided to go public by conducting an eight-hour interview with a patriot pastor and FM radio pirate in Michigan.

While some of the claims made by Griggs are impossible to fully collaborate, many parts of her story have already either come true or been confirmed as fact.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the interview is that Griggs literally names names of high-ranking individuals within the military who were/are involved with a global cabal of power broker killers.

1 of 4 interview with Kay Gribbs (MUST SEE):

2 of 4 interview with Kay Gribbs

3 of 4 interview with Kay Gribbs

4 of 4 interview with Kay Gribbs