CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (Video)

tumblr_nd9h1q2KpF1ss6ffzo1_1280 Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized bCord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, and was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA.

The organization recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA’s views, and funded some student and cultural organizations and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA. – wikipedia

This is a clip showing the admittance of the CIA that they utilized the mainstream media to manipulate the thoughts and ideas of American citizens in the USA. This has not changed obviously and is good to know what happened in the past due to the perceived false reality being sold to us via the same US corporate state-run regime’s news.