MUST SEE: Huge Black Cube Spotted Over Texas 6/29


What is this black cube?

What is this anomaly?

Thankfully we live in the age of technology so that images like this can be documented.

Not seen by just one person either  …you decide!!!

  • mike

    the principles of E.M. prevent ANY object from entering or leaving our atmosphere on its own E.M. power so this alien crap is what they (military classified tech clled black ops) want you to believe also they have a hidden ‘religious’ agenda to convince the people there is no God so they can play god. this is not anything more than technology and a weapon that is meant to scare the hell out of you. NOTHING MORE. Note a weapon is in itself an act of treason they don’t want you to know about also substantiates the secrecy of the tech.

  • J.L. Picard

    Obviously…it’s a BORG CUBE!