Anonymous Declares A “Call To Arms” – War On The Government!

338-1230202219-anonymous-screen-615x345-1 SOTF| As more and more human rights of U.S. citizens are violated in the name of safety and security, the group Anonymous stands to fight at the side of Americans.  Over the holiday weekend, they have even gone as far to announce a call to arms.

The fact that many people are still unaware of the “hacker” group Anonymous is sign of censorship by today’s mainstream media.  There is a clear need for groups such as Anonymous as the fact of this direct censorships shows just how clouded the media’s freedom of speech has become.

The activist group Anonymous claims to fight for the good of the people despite the ever oppressive state of police and government.  It has often fought to defend the defenseless especially after police have failed to, or it was not within their legal limits to, do so.

It is unclear the direct reason for the release of the video, but just after Christmas, Anonymous called for the assembly of an, at the moment non-existent, Anonymous Liberation Army. They inform the public via YouTube that if rights are violated, Anonymous stands at the ready to defend those being oppressed and expose those that criminally act illegally—i.e. police and government officials.

They express that civil liberties are already at their breaking points being violated by so-called authority figures on a daily basis.  The mask wearing representative urges viewers to act now before it’s too late and we live in a world where revolution is no longer possible.


The video insists that American citizens take to the street in protest in order to fight for the rights and liberties we have already lost. In doing so, Anonymous hopes to reestablish a freer and less dominated lifestyle for the American public.

Anonymous then quotes Thomas Jefferson saying, “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  This infers that as we stand in face of tyranny, we must act swiftly and in a controlled violent manner.

Several grassroots organizations are already forming across the country as the government continues to infringe on several liberties. Obama continues to go behind Americans back in order to disarm them, and he has also secretly signed a bill that allows for Secret Service to limit yourfreedom of speech.

As Obama continues to chip away at the legalities protecting America from martial law, this may just be the time to act—but I’m afraid that by the time America wakes up, it may just be too late.  I believe that is the exact point Anonymous seeks to demonstrate as they make their call to arms.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    Let’s get real. It’s not obama I am worried about. It is militarized police and gop neocons who are the real issues.

    Can anyone tell me how many “we want less government” gop neocons voted FOR ndaa? I know the answer, do you?

    The tsa, the department of homeland stupidity, the unpatriot act, the ndaa, all started by a “we want less government” gop neocon.

  • anonymous fan

    I want to join I believe our government has lost its ways. This is no longer a country by the people for the people, they have control over anything and the public’s needs and rights mean dick to them. They care about themselfs and keeping us stupid to blindly follow them. I say no more we need to follow in the footsteps of our fore fathers and take our country back. That’s why we have a right to guns to oppress a corrupt government, we left France and fought for this land because we didn’t like being under control. And that’s what we have become just cleverly disguised. I’m fed up with it,I’m ready to fight for the country we are supposed to be. By the people for the people. This is our land not the governments, don’t let military police oppress US into submission. Fight back!