Is Planet Nibiru Confirmed Through Google Sky?

maxresdefault-4 On the Google Sky website, the infamous Planet X, also know as Nibiru, is right there in plain site. The image had a big blacked out section for the longest time and has now been removed.

“Wow, I’m…stunned.  I’ve been watching that exact blacked out area since accidentally coming across it nearly four years ago. (Edit)  I just pulled up Google Earth and the blacked out swath near Orion at 5h53m0.28s, which I’ve been keeping an eye on is…still blacked out. I returned to my comment angry, thinking it’s a hoax…then I re-watched the vid for all the familiar surrounding features, including the cloud just next to the blacked out area…and it is all correct. I’m not sure what to think now and my immediate anger at this being a hoax is squelched, this appears to be legitimate and now I’m more curious than I was when I clicked on this post. Did that area become revealed long enough for these people to catch it and now it is blacked out once more?  I’ve been checking on this on and off for a very long time and it has never been revealed or altered (the black rectangle always remains exactly the same, I check the edges every time. Hmm, this is definitely puzzling. Thank you for reporting on this.” – scarletteshadow

Is this definitive proof that the fabled planet does in fact exist? You decide.