FOR REAL: People Who CLAIM To Have Sex With Aliens!

LockLip| As you would imagine, there are a number of people who claim to have had sex with aliens. We’re not here to question the validity of their claims, we’re here to tell you about the birds and the bees and the ETs.

Stephany Fay Cohen

Stephany Fay Cohen is a psychic but unlike other clairvoyants she claims to have had sex with aliens. She says she and her group, called Team Spirit travel near and far in their flying saucer. The aliens she’s befriended all come from the same solar system, located in the constellation of Canis Major. Cohen made mentions of four distinctive alien species: greys, reptilians, cat people and octopus men. In fact, she says she’s formed a special relationship with an octopus man called Ian.*

According to Cohen, the cat people are “highly charged sexually” but the other species indulge in sex as well.

However, her adventures only happen while she’s asleep. When asked if her experiences were merely dreams, Cohen said that “a dream is a friendly way of letting you know what you’ve been doing without scaring you. That’s what they are. Because otherwise people would be afraid if they were face-to-face with an alien.”

In 2013, Cohen appeared on a British TV show called This Morning where she was asked to present physical evidence to back up her claims but was unable to.

Cohen maintains that the sex was “out of this world.” We only hope the aliens came in peace.

Pamela Stonebrooke

Jazz singer Pamela Stonebrooke says the best sex she’s ever had was with a 6-ft. tall reptilian. Back in 2006, Pamela told The Sun that she had enjoyed her otherworldly union for three years, since her first contact had taken place, in 1998.

Before that, she had no interest in other life forms.

My first sexual encounter with an alien was unlike any love-making I’ve experienced before.[…] I remember exactly how I felt when I saw him for the first time. I awoke from my sleep to find myself making love to what appeared to be a Greek god. At first I assumed it was an exceptionally lucid dream. But the sex was very intense and as I closed my eyes I was overwhelmed by how comfortable I felt with this unknown being. The next time I opened my eyes he had transformed into a reptilian entity with scaly, snake-like skin. It was then I realized I was making love to a shape-shifting alien. Sensing I was scared, the reptile whispered, ‘We’ve always been together, we love each other.’ “

Without going into detail, it’s worth mentioning that Pamela said her reptilian ravager was *ahem*, superior to regular men. Understandably, the regular men Pamela met after this experience found her story disturbing, to say the least.

David Huggins

sex with aliens

New Jersey painter David Huggins has also had close encounters of the fifth kind that ultimately led him to fourth base. Now 71, Huggins claims to have made love to an alien woman named Crescent. In fact, he lost his virginity to her when he was 17.

She appeared human, except for her large, black eyes, a pale, pointy face and the wig. She disrobed. He disrobed. They consummated the start of their long-time and very long-distance romance.”

She appeared human, except for her large, black eyes, a pale, pointy face and the wig. She disrobed. He disrobed. He laid down. She got on top. They consummated the start of their long-time and very long-distance romance.

He would go on to father many children in our galaxy, not all of them with Crescent.

Needless to say, most of his paintings are centered around the same theme: alien sex.

Simon Parkes

British Labour councillor Simon Parkes says he got lucky with an alien lady called the Cat Queen. Not once, but up to four times a year. Parkes also claimed to have had his first extraterrestrial sexual experience when he was just six. When asked if he was, perhaps too young, his answer was “no”, since “it’s about experience and your soul.”

One result of his intercourse with the Cat Queen is a hybrid lovechild called Zarka. Another result is tension in his earthly marriage, but as Parkes said, his cheating is not on a human level so he doesn’t see it as wrong. Interesting theory, Mr. Parkes.

Peter Khoury and Strands of Alien Hair


Let’s discuss a more serious case. Lebanon-born Australian Peter Khoury had a disturbing and traumatic experience back in 1992. It all happened on July 23 at around 7:30 in the morning. Khoury was laying in bed when suddenly felt a strange presence. He opened his eyes and noticed two humanoid females, standing on his bed, completely naked.

Peter said that the women looked almost human, except for their faces. Although attractive, they were too chiseled and had very high cheekbones. Their eyes were three times larger than human eyes.

One of the females had vaguely Asian traits while the other looked Scandinavian and had bluish eyes and long, blond hair braided in an exotic fashion.

Peter felt that the blond woman was the one in charge and that she was communicating telepathically with him. She laid her intentions on the table and since Khoury didn’t respond to her advances, she overpowered him. Frightened, Khoury did what every other man wouldn’t and bit a part of her nipple off. The women then vanished.

What makes this case special is that Peter managed to find two strands of blond hair on a specific part of his body and carefully placed them in a sealable plastic bag.

He was so shaken by his ordeal that he went on to found the UFO Experience Support Association in Sidney, a group dedicated to helping people with similar encounters.

In 1996, he met with Australian researcher Bill Chalker. Reticent at first, Peter eventually mentioned the strands of hair. Chalker was intrigued and over the years managed to assemble a team of researchers and investigators willing tag their names to the delicate subject of UFOs. They called themselves the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group.

In 1998, the group performed DNA tests on the hair samples and got some startling results. Through a process called polymerase chain reaction (PCR) the researchers were able to recover mitochondrial DNA from the hair strands.

For starters, the hair didn’t belong to Peter or his wife, Vivian.

Although the hair appeared to come from a blonde Caucasian woman, it had five distinctive DNA markers that are only found in a rare subgroup belonging to the Mongoloid race. The scientists cross-checked their findings with an extensive mitochondrial DNA record and found only four other people with the five markers found in the sample. They were all Chinese and had black hair.

Since mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother to child, it was obvious that the four people shared a common female ancestor. The disturbing aspect is that they shared that ancestor with Khoury’s alien visitor. An explanation for this anomaly has yet to present itself. Could there be a connection between the alien woman and the blonde mummies found in the Tarim Basin in northwest China?

Peter Khoury’s case would be just another odd and unprovable account were it not for the mysterious strand of hair.

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