Sheriff Standoff With Veteran In Michigan Imminent! Vows To Fight Unlawful Foreclosure

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 9.29.15 PM YOU MUST LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VETERAN’S STORY HE IS YET ANOTHER VICTIM OF UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE, EXCEPT THIS GUY IS GONNA TAKE A STAND. Ted Visner’s history with the corrupt court system is well documented, and when you hear what was done to his family back in 2010, you will be shocked. All of his family’s possessions were taken from his home in a “fake eviction” by a woman who worked for the local government office. What’s more is that Ted has also gone after the CPS in the past, and one can only wonder if these recent court rulings are in retaliation for his stand against the CPS.


Everyone who has the ability to do so …. needs to contact Ted Visner and find out when he wants people to show up at his house. He sincerely appreciates anyone who can help. We the people need to stand by Ted Viser and anyone else going through this criminal act by these elected criminals. He is a good man and people need to refuse to stand by and let these criminals murder a fellow patriot that has helped a lot of people not for any self gain, but just for the sake of whats right and to get this country steered in the right direction 1 county at a time. His home is located in Isabella County Michigan. For address and any other information please contact Ted Visner either on facebook or you can call/text at 989-954-2814.

Sheriff’s Department Takes Family’s Home and Contents Using a Fake Eviction

After being denied due process (defenses to eviction) I am making a stand and fulfilling my oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic as an American Patriot.

Via Ted Visner: