Jade Helm Crisis Actor Orientation

hqdefault-7 An insider, a crisis actor, role-player, and activist, managed to capture footage from inside a JADE HELM 15 scenario orientation meeting which was uploaded to YouTube on July 1st.

In the video the scenario planner, the speaker, was captured giving away elaborate details of the impending and alleged fictitious exercise set to officially start on Jul. 15 in various states.

Astonishingly the entire exercise is based on a fictitious weather related event which triggers an airplane to crash into a Texas “chemical plant.”

During the “exercise overview” the speaker mentioned that the “National Guard” will get “called out to help State authorities for certain search and rescue […] decontamination and medical stabilization […] there is going to be a building collapse and an explosion and it’s all going to be caused by a hurricane. The hurricane is going to cause a micro-burst and the plane is going to crash into a chemical plant.”

On the day of the exercise the crisis actors will be picked up in a “parking lot” in a “park” at “seven-thirty” in the morning to be driven to “the exercise site” by officials.

Later that day a “rubble pile” at the site will then “simulate the collapsed building”, the speaker said before going on to mention how participants will be taken to the “hospital” for “treatment.” Additionally participants clothes will be “taken off.”

Participants will be given “two badges”, one to identify you as a “role-player” and the other is like a badge “you get at a conference.”