RED CODE: Anonymous Claims The U.S. Government Is Planning To Exterminate 120M Citizens!!!

Image: YouTube Video

Image: YouTube Video

Please, you have to watch this short, but informative video!

Something big is going to happen very soon!

 This message from Anonymous is for the public, and the concerns expressed in this video are terrifying.

Please do not take this depopulation message lightly and pass it on to those who are at least semi-conscious to the realities of the threats that face not only America, but out global partners too. Thank you.

  • CancerousStaer

    There is much doubt in faith of the government and even more in the secret bills passed under our noses. If the truth is truly what is spoken, then what can we do as citizens of the world to prevent such atrocities? Control is slowly being taken from our grasp and the few who can act are becoming even fewer, what then can we do to make the difference, to change this fate?

    • Kachtice

      Corporate America is making it’s push for total control. Destroy the economy, enrage the population and eventually offer them an escape from
      the greedy Politicians they have been supporting behind closed doors. The only answer is to tear things down and rebuild with a better
      foundation, our Constitution needs to move into the twenty-first century. Neither this current Government nor Corporations are the answer.
      Unity in numbers is our only advantage and until Americans start looking at themselves as such, regardless of the stereotypes and labels placed
      upon them, our future only holds suffering and death at the hands of those greedy few who have bought their way to power.