Anonymous Exposes Texas Police For Murdering Sandra Bland


The Anonymous collective is enraged at the failed attempt by Waller County PD and the Texas Trooper Association to mask a blatant act of crime against an innocent woman. And we will not stand as Sandra’s death becomes another hashtag and then a statistic.


– Booking doc:
– Suicide doc: /

– #SandraWasMurdered:
– The room:
– The shadows: /
– Waller County Jail mugshots: (website:
– Sandra Bland mugshot:

– Waller County’s History of Racism:
– Sandra Bland Becomes The Latest Victim Of The ‘Marijuana Smear’:

Sandra Bland was murdered. Anonymous exposes this crime and demands the arrests of those involved.

  • Michael

    When will this day/date of rage and atonement occur?

    • Britney

      This is happening on the 8th of august i believe. just go on twitter on the user @TheAnonMessages

  • Michael

    When will this happen?

    • When you least expect it.

      • Proof

        I need help! CHP covered up my friends death as an accident.

      • Chris

        I hope the FBI find the person/ persons responsible for this video and they put them in a cell. I hope u come and find me because I got something for u, only a coward would be hiding behind a mask in this stupid video

        • broprah winfrey

          lol wut

        • barfdonkey

          The same way only a coward needs a badge to hide behind?

        • Daniel Moshe Johnson

          Atonement will come when those called unto the promise, “brit” assemble under a little old book of Mystery called Torah. I knows, you are not Jewish, and what does it have to do with you?

          Well, it has all to do with you, if your conscious behavior is geared towards a humane and compassion based approach in matters of human suffering by exploitation.

          Within the context of codified Torah is a book called “Devarim” I’m Greek- Deutoronomy; it’s contains the direct translated information directly from the source who spoke this matrix into existence! We look at it as a mercy, given to those qualified to pass on and transcribe to the generatiogengeneration’s of the descendants of those who stood near the great mountain that great day.

          Within the Devarim, Moses dictated law, as a medium, given to him by the designer. For the systematizers are pupils of the interim based authority of designed and prescribed illusion. He, the dominion based master of illusion has a minion, a fabricated legion of doom, whose agenda is to subdue and in qualify the existence of the free willed experience called the soul (fashioned in a corporeal reality) the human mind.

          The only combat is denying the emotions of evil, hate, defeat, depression and hate, everything that appears is not a reality based auctiality, that which is real reflects light, solely.

          Shalom Aleichem

        • Ashley

          Why so that the cops can kill them too.. I think not smh

        • noreena

          You’re an idiot.. You should be put in a cell by the same cops that put Sandra in a cell.

        • Mystery

          Shut the fuck up and stop being ignorant these people are helping and we as people are living a discraced society where we cant even trust the men in who blue who have sworn to protect they deserve everything they have comming to them
          Ure being fucking ignorant its sad we live in a discraced society where we can even trust the men in blue who have sworn to protect yet the only killing on the news is from people In blue yall make america sick and we are tired of ure blatent. Acts yall are terorist and a cancer to america she deserves justice and she will get it

        • jmarra

          sounds like you have something to hide Chris, or are you a cop yourself.

        • anonymoussupporter911

          I support anonymous. You just want to throw somebody in jail for saying what is true Stop being a pig and be a human not everyone deserves to be in prison. Especially Edward Snowden, he is classified is a hero to the people fuck the corrupt officials they should be in prison!

        • Anonymus

          We are trying to get justice for these crimes that should not be commited by the very people that are meant to provent crime and people that are meant to protect you not murder you and attempt to cover it up maybe its you that should be in a cell.

        • Chupacabra

          Hey copo.. be ready to shit on your pants.

      • Ryan

        Anonymous please please please attack Facebook … They deserve it … They r constantly blocking my account for nothing for no reason .. When they r saying they r blocking me for a pic .. The pic they show is nothing it’s blank and when I tell them this has happen they ignore me and it’s extremely pissing me off .. This is the 2nd account of mine tht they r doing this too , Picking on me for no reason, please help .. Please

        • Anonymous

          How about you learn some skills and do your own dirty work. They are busy dealing with real issues.

        • Fox

          Anonymous is not your personal army.

        • anonymous

          This is anonymous. We have heard your plea for our help and have decided to shut down facebook because of the injustice done to your account. In order for this to work you need to update your facebook status with 20 selfies. Under each selfie you must type “i am anonymous”. On the 20th selfie, facebood will shut down exactly 24 hours later. The code will work. We will not allow facebook to use our hard earned tax dollars to limit our first ammendment right anymore!

          • Drexciya the Drexciyan

            Anonymous, Drexciya needs clarity for efficiency… Will this all commence on the August 20th? July 27th is now history, the 20th for this month has passed.
            Therefore, we should all post 20 selfies, the day before the next 20th? On all of images, in description “I am anonymous?”
            Only on the day, or periodically though the month? Or on the citizens of earth are to post, on August 19th only the 20 pictures entitled “I am Anonymous.” all at once?
            Drexciyans need more instruction so we can help you succeed to execute this mission on board. – Drexciya

      • Mindurshrink

        Does this call for violent acts towards others or can we just be really f*** pissed off in public? and I am not being sarcastic. If the latter, I want in!!!

      • Daniel

        All of your rants and the stuff you stand for is so…. Well spoken for.
        I just wish they would take you guys more seriously.
        When will be this day of rage ?

      • Kevin

        I am hearing that Anonymous will be exposing the corruption of the US government on November 5th 2015. Is there any truth to this?

  • Austin McCain

    I just want answers what is really going on why is it how is it and when did it start if I know the correct facts I can make an educated logical decision on what to do or where to go

    • Cory Taylor

      Unfortunately this has been going on for decades. There is a history of systematic racism in this country and its found its way into our justice system. Of all things we have discrimination and unfair practices in our justice system. This is why they have the #BlackLivesMatter hash tag and I finally understand it now. Of course all of our lives matter but Black people seem to be getting murdered unjustly at an alarming rate. I mean just look at it. Dylan Roof murdered 9 Black people and the cops quietly apprehended him, took him to Burger King, and he’s alive. Someone like Sandra Bland or that Tamir kid don’t do anything near those levels and end up dead. I’ve gotten pretty loud and defiant with the cops before and walked away with a warning and a smile. I have a very sad feeling if I were a Black person I may be a hashtag too. This is some really messed up stuff and I’m trying to understand. At first I really wasnt trying to hear any of this white privilege stuff and was a good supporter of #AllLivesMatter but after this man I can’t do that anymore. This is unfair.

      • Tonya

        I appreciate you associating an experience with the difference in treatment. We are living in the end of times. Watching the news has been more depressing the last 5 years, as a young black woman being fearful of calling (911) when we need help,it’s a sad reality.

      • Teah Hatchett

        Thank you so much for this comment Cory. Though I am not sure of the solution to this issue or even if there is one, but I do know the first step is that the world, not just African Americans must realize that a problem exists.

        • Stephanie

          Racism period needs to stop. We are all the same. Our pigments in our skin are darker or lighter depending where our ancestral roots are from.

        • pat

          There is no such thing as a African American unless your born in Africa other wise it American with African heritage just an fyi

          • Linares

            Thank you … I’ve been trying to get everyone to realize that the only way you are an African American is if you’re an African that became an American Citizen

        • ScottyScott

          I agree with you Teah 100%!!!! It’s just like a person with a drug or alcohol problem. They always say in NA & AA meetings that the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. So our judicial system needs to step forward and admit to the whole country that they have a problem.

      • kenesha

        Thank you

      • Mike

        You’re an idiot. So all lives don’t matter now. . Just black lives. . You don’t see the injustice done to white people because no one cares. It’s not newsworthy. You are a cog in their wheel of dilusion. You blindly follow the media and their cracked views of what sells. Wake up people. Violence happens to all races, color and Creed. Black lives matter, white lives, brown lives, yellow lives. All lives

        • AC

          He specifically stated that all lives matter. Reading comprehension also matters bud…

        • rayborn

          What is happening now is blacks are being kill. Let’s take on one problem at a time, right now its blacks. Its not everybody are all of us its the black people. You need to get a translator.

        • ryan

          No you’re an idiot. All lives matter but if you don’t understand why people say black lives matter then your are part of the problem. Police brutality is at a all time high but blacks are targeted and there’s just no denying. And before you pull the whole whites are killed more statistic you need to reevaluate yourself. Blacks only make up roughly 13 % of our population so them being killed at half the rate of whites by cops is fucking crazy…

          • shut up stoopid

            Until you have 100% complete statistics being turned in from 100% of police precincts that are not just basic crime stats, trying to argue using murder rates across the board in America is at best an exercise in futility. If you really want to, you can slant statistics to show that nobody is ever murdered and everybody dies from natural causes (asphyxiation, loss of blood, etc) so don’t try acting all high and mighty about your faulty logic and faultier use of incomplete statistics. Name calling is a great way to make sure nobody takes you seriously btw

          • pat

            You want to talk about stats well should we look at the stats of where most crimes are committed and who commits them. It doesnt matter if the person is mexican white black or yellow the focus seems to go to those who call foul and want to focus on them

          • Realistic

            I don’t don’t give a damn who doesn’t like this. For one theirs not one person these days who don’t feel racism no race is safe . Two Blacks you have cried for fucking yrs way after slavery that your treated wrong. Its gone to the point that people almost kiss blacks ass to keep them from getting offended over shit that happened more than 40yrs ago but yet your the first to say get over it mmmmm, then get the fuck over it. 3 blacks were not the only ones enslaved in history and do your history the African queen sold your asses whites didn’t come take your ass because I bet if they seen the future you wouldn’t have even got bought. You would be living in Africa running around villages and have no life the way you do now. Your ancestors getting sold is the only reasons you have opportunities or a life or freedom to bitch like you do constantly. I’m middle eastern and I have def felt my share of racism and I have never seen another race bitch complain and cry all the time about shit. You want this image to change then change your fucking self’s quit blaming it on everybody else because you can’t get your shit right or get off your fucking high horse thinking everybody should kiss your ass or do everything you say. And no not all blacks are like this and those are the ones who are accepted by their peers no color dipshit. Because they act like humans with morals and common sense not like a bunch of fucking retards.

        • Dara

          “#BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean other lives don’t. Like people who say “Save The Rainforests” aren’t saying “Fuck All Other Types of Forests” — Matt McGorry

        • Wayne Yarrell

          You sir, are part of the problem. You don’t see the disproportionate level of injustice Black people experience because perhaps you don’t care. Think about it, if justice was blind as you and many others seem to believe, there would be no need for a Black lives matter movement!

        • b

          mike is the kind of guy that runs into a breast cancer awareness event screaming that we don’t care about other cancers.

        • Travis

          Seriously!? We already know that all lives matter, but it’s clearly obvious that you don’t. If you stopped to take the time and do some research, you would see how blacks are mistreated more than any other race in America and even in the world. If you want an all lives matter campaign, then show us that all lives matter, even the black lives. If all lives truly mattered to you, you wouldn’t be upset about the black lives matter campaign. You would be there supporting it instead of trying your best to derail it with all lives matter. How about you get off your ass, go make a sign and get with the black lives matter campaign and show us that all lives matter. Until you get the balls to go out in public and defend the marginalized, shut your fucking face, and eat a bag of dicks. Thank you very much, and good day.

          • Anna L Gonzalez

            WELL SAID!!! I’M WITH U…

          • Carlene Neal

            It not helpful to use profanity. Its not helpful to disrespect others who do not understand the black lives matter movement. What is helpful is to explain why there is such a movement and to help others see that there are some things that are happening disproportionately to black males because of the fear, stereotypes that others have about black males in particular and black people. The things that we have experienced that are currently exposed by technology and cameras are the tip of the iceburg. There are some Things that others would not experience under similar circumstances. The frustration of having two different justice systems and the frustration of witnessing beatings and murders like that first shown by the beating of Rodney King have outraged and hurt a whole race of people. Judging people by the color of their skin is an insidious disease. We cannot rest until things change. This is called injustice. The movement is saying we cannot sit by a say nothing while this is going on anymore. All movements have this in common. Taking a stand against blatant injustice is always the right thing to do. Help someone understand by articulating why their is a movement. Attacking others who do not have the sensibility to understand prejudice and racism is not helpful.

        • pat

          You are so right

      • biologyguy

        It didn’t find it’s way into the justice system, it hasn’t ever been removed.

      • Dominique

        Hi Cory,
        It hasn’t found it’s way into our justice system – it is our justice system.

      • Keisha

        I’m do glad you could see and understand and put yourself in the situation! No one really takes the time to assessed look at things from a different veiw! I think because not all white people are racist, that it becomes a touchy subject when blacks are mistreated because of our color! Most ppl assume because they are not racist that it doesn’t exist but when u live as a black person we know and live everyday that indifference in treatment! So I think u for not bring defensive and just taking a step to observe and make your own conclusion

      • Mindurshrink

        Thank you so much Cory for posting this. Coming from you, a non-Black a presume, I believe other non-Blacks will be more receptive.

      • LaSandra

        WOOOW CORY….thats soooo very honorable of u. Thank u so very much n GOD bless u!!

      • Bravo, Cory, your response almost brought tears to my eyes. The only way the BlackLivesMatter movement will work is if we have the support of our Caucasian counterparts.

  • Jerry

    I am a photo editor and graphics designer and I have seen both pictures. I am also African American who do not trust in our judicial system or some of the people in it. But I have to say this…I have seen both pictures and I’m sad to say that this time around the picture with her eyes rolled back is the poorly edited picture. The eyes rolled back in her head color is inconsistent with the rest of the picture. A good editor would have added some grain to the pupil color, it’s too smooth and even. Next, the rings under her eyes, the color does not blend into the surrounding area properly. No one, dead or alive, will have such sharp color variant so suddenly unless there is a scar or some bruising.

    • shut up stoopid

      Thank you…unfortunately you’re talking to a wall at this point. Nobody cares about actual facts anymore. That’s a sad sad thing bro…. so sad

    • Mindurshrink

      I agree Jerry. I never thought that picture was real. However, we all still know that they killed her. That picture with her eyes rolled back is disrepsectful and it distract people’s attention from the matter at hand. I do agree with most everything else in the video.

  • I support anonymous in coming actions, remember only you can define what anonymous is or is not…#Expectus

  • Madi

    There’s always a side view mug shot, I’d be more interested to see that one. It would be much harder to balance a dead body on its shoulder without the head falling to the side. I did see it in the scan of the arrest paperwork but it was small, and blacked out. Why?

    • cass

      That’s Exactly it the side mugshot they released was darkened. Since when do they file dark pictures. when taking photos by the government they always make sure it is very clear and easy to see who the individual is. So all of a sudden its a dark as fuck picture and you cant even see who it is all you can see is that it is a black individual.

    • LaSandra

      Bcause they had her on the floor standin over her takin the pix and cudnt get it rght do they probably blamed it on lightin or faulty equipmnt. That wud make sense y the pic is blackend….so they cud hide bhind that they murderd her. SMDH!!

  • Judy

    I love you guys man just keep doing what you’re doing maybe you will open up everyone’s eyes and maybe we can all make a change once we know the truth

  • Pris

    We should be more afraid of what will happen when the government finally decides to take back the police sector. The officers now are sub contractors but when the government decides to disband the officers, who will protect the people? Don’t you wonder why, all of a sudden the police are getting such media attention? They have ALWAYS murdered the ones they are sworn to protect. Why now has everyone become tired of the hate crimes? The bigger picture- to become a country policed by the military like Egypt, like North Korea, like Cuba. We are slowly losing ground in this country as a free people. I fear for my children’s future.

    • anonymous

      This is about #Blacklivesmatter!!

      • Tammy

        And did you see in the video the officer secretly throwing something in the trash

        • Tammy


    • Walter

      Marshal law is almost complete find out why are they positioning troops across the state and the order purchase of 100 000’s of black plastic coffins.

      • Robi Snyder

        Marshal Law is certainly an interesting topic given the recent series of events taking place in our nation. But history would suggest that unarmed citizens would increase and make easier that possibility. I don’t think the NRA will let that happen but I love the way you think…..Good stuff.

    • Tonya

      That’s a very good point. Omg slowly exercing Martial law.

    • Logical_thinker

      American citizens have the right to bear arms it is possible to police ourselves if we band together, humans are naturally flawed and unfit to police each other but humans are also more likely to do the right thing when we are in a group and we know people are watching.

    • Amira

      This might be the case, but the issue is that it’s become a lot more prevalent in society. Internet in general has allowed this stuff to circulate quickly, so it becomes a vastly bigger deal because more people see more of it every day. Back then, people only really knew what was happening in their own town unless it made national news, so their statistics were so small that it didn’t seem to be as big of a deal, even though it was, of course, a huge deal. Nowadays, however, it’s all over the place and everyone knows about it, so there’s a greater weight on people’s shoulders. Thus, they are bogged down. Make sense?

  • denise

    I am sick of white lies

    • z

      I’m sick of black lives matter. How your ancestors this and that. Grow up you don’t know what they went thru so quit acting like you do. Shot happens to white and Mexicans even more!

      • Seriously…

        When you are sitting behind a computer screen, it allow you to take a step back and think before you comment. So I’m really curious what drugs you took when you stepped back that you thought saying “s*** happens to white and mexicans even more” was a accurate statement and thought it was something to share with people… If I stop you from reproducing and weakening the human race, I would.

        • pat

          Why do most black people think something is owed to them. Live your life and make something of yourself dont rely on handouts or they owe me. Im Jewish so does the world owe me something ? No

      • M

        What a sad little person you are. Your comment is mean & extremely hateful. If you dont agree, don’t participate. But to post such a hateful comment underscores that you’re probably part of the problem.

        • Tb

          Holy crap. Here’s the thing. I disagree with Pat but saying, “if you don’t agree, don’t participate” is in no way conducive to having a meaningful discussion. At that point you are only stoking each other’s egos. It doesn’t allow you to calmly and logically explain the flaws in the other person’s viewpoints. Educating someone is far more powerful and positive than excluding them. If they refuse to be educated then that’s their issue.

      • Amira

        That’s not the point, dingus. Black people are tired of being oppressed and killed for the mere color of their skin. It’s not about their ancestors, although this is where it all started. They are worried about the now. They want to be treated as people, they want basic human rights. That’s “black lives matter.” Get your head out of your ass.

  • Dodger

    love these guys

  • air

    Since when is one man the whole police force? I’d say this is racist.

    • Dixbutt

      When the whole police force try and manipulate and lie and cover for this racist asshole. Haven’t you heard of being an accomplice to a crime? Carries the same penalty, mostly. So why aren’t they being treated the same?

      • Leera0607

        Their point was, you can not say ALL police officers have the same unjustice work ethics. When is condemning an entire group for the wrong doings of others right? Not all white people are racists or power driven and not all black people are unruly and barbaric. Yes thise who were invovled need to be held accountable, but NOT EVERY person who puts on that uniform is the enemy. Oh and not EVERY WHITE officer has racial driven motives. We can not fight ignorance with ignorance people. It will only lead to more spearation and innocent deaths. Till everyone realizes that and stop looking at everything as a personal chance to make an example out of a group (that you have prejudice towards) then we can all move forward the right way. We’re to seek positive changes and equal rights, not savage-like actions. The latter will just bring destruction and unnecessary chaos to ALL.

        • Amen.

        • lorey

          now listern to what you just said, not all police have the same unjustice work ethics, you also said, that not all white people are racists. but you instist and think like any other white person, that all black people are the same or do the same thing, even if there are many black people that are living good life, they do not do drugs, rob, nor kill anyone, but you see all blacks as a group of people that the whites hate because of their skin color.

          • me

            R.E.A.D the whole comment before spewing a retort. If you don’t understand, ask for clarification. She clearly states that “not all black people are unruly and barbaric” after her other statement, which is essentially saying don’t judge one group based on the actions of a single person within that group, whether it be race, job, etc.

            That being said, why are we still dividing ourselves into groups? Why are we fighting each other, just like the government wants us to do, instead of focusing on the real problems? It shouldn’t be blacks, whites, latinos, or whatever. We are are human beings, we are citizens of this country and we need to stand up together. They want us in a neat little categorized box and at each other’s throats. Stuff like this just reinforces that division.

  • Joey

    Keep me in the loop

  • John

    Listen and comply to police orders and shut your mouth and you won’t get arrested. It’s that simple! Oh, and get a real job moron!

    • joann

      *She had a right to smoke a cigarette in her own car ,that is a right that she had.
      *She had the right to use her cellphone to call someone, to videotape or record the conversation, that is a right she had.
      *She had a right to know why she was being arrested, the police did not tell her, not one time on the video what she was under arrest for.
      *The first thing the police officer should have done was read her Miranda rights to her. The police officer did not do that.

      The police officer obviously missed some training because he didn’t know how to do his job because he is supposed to protect and serve. Instead he violated all of her rights and if this is true I’m so glad anonymous is stepping in to assist because liars are disgusting no matter what color you are! So obviously there’s the moron that needs to find a new line of work. ☺

      • Tiffany

        You are wrong. The Miranda rights do not have to be said at the time of arrest ever only if you are being introgated. He doesn’t have to said why he is arresting her either only that he is and there doesn’t have to be a reason.

        I don’t agree with it but that is facts.

        • Josh

          Miranda rights DO have to be read at time of arrest. Maybe you should read up on then and why they are named Miranda Rights.

          • Actually, they don’t unfortunately. As a matter of fact, they can wait until an arraignment before mirandising a suspect/defendant. Which is done fairly often!

    • yvette

      Really…cause being nice makes the officer who is a racist happy even though he cant stand the color of your skin? I tried that and guess what…i and my friend had a gun in our face. So take your assisne statement and stick it..every citizen has the right to question an officer of his or her motives for stopping them. Use of excessive force is becoming the norm for officers to respond with and it is an unfair unjust and deadly practice against those who are unlucky enough to be in the situation. To protect and serve? Thats a horrible joke when officers can murder innocent people and walk away scott free but people who may have committed a small crime or no crime at all DIE. Walter scott posed no threat yet he was murdered in cold blood and the officer attempted to cover it up. That means he knew right from wrong. There is no excuse and being nice to an officer shouldnt determine if he or she has the right to take your life.

    • Alex

      Oh so your one of those people who blindly follow any order given to you even if u don believe in it. your a sheep/puppet and people like you are the reason shit doesnt change.

  • denise

    Thus makes me sick. Look at all the lies and cover up they had to do for the murder of this woman. I say anyone involved b put on death row. Why was she even put on the ground in the beginning? I’m in rage. Death to them all. Thanks anonymous for putting her story out there for the people to see.

  • Derrick

    Something has to be done, we the people are being exterminated, this is an all out conspiracy by bold and ruthless and so called law officials and politicians, who are not abiding by the law or the wishes of the people, they must be dealt with by what ever means necessary, people! Wake up, stand up, before they come for you and yours, scared man is a dead man walking.

  • fedup

    The young lady was killed by the law thats it thats all cover up is the name of the game now, god bless her family and everyone who seeks the truth in this matter

  • joe

    The link is wrong for the “Sandra Bland mugshot:”, it takes you to the “Waller county history of racism” article from

    • Sheep Media

      Thank you so much I double checked everything but obviously didn’t catch it. Thanks …

      • Cynthia R

        McGregor, Tx police murder rd my 19 year old son, Joshua, oh Feb 16, 2006.
        Not in a jail, but in a public park.

  • Carla

    Thnks anonymous for sheddin light on this lets get it cus im tired and,its horrifiyin

  • Tonic Henry

    I believe the female officer who was assisting him with Sandra’s arrest should be FIRED as well. She condoned what he did..REALLY!! Resisting Wow!!

  • Tee

    I believe the female officer who was assisting him needs to lose her job as well..She did nothing to stop this unlawful act…

  • Sam

    How can a dead woman leave a voicemail from jail?

    • Sheep Media

      How about you explain to me the differences in these mugshots of I’m certain 10000s of others being detained like Sandra and then why here’s is different. We have no clue when that call was made. We have no clue if he was threatened to say 3 days later just as the person in the other cell said she heard nothing (lied for fear probably) and how about they had asked her about did she smell marijuana as these criminals claim she snuck pot into her cell (LOL). I love commies who love their police state. Then I pray every night that what’s coming to American, that they are the FIRST to suffer. SANDRA’s mugshot: and now the 100000’s of others duh duh I can’t see the difference cause I’m an order follower and have good knee pads: …you commies are responsible for the demise of my country.

      • Tb

        the police force here is corrupt and kills a disproportionate amount of blacks, which you obv disagree with. Thus your response is all Americans should suffer? Blacks in this country are Americans too.

    • Britani

      I just said the same thing!!

  • Christine

    While it makes me glad to see that many are waking up to the truth, it also saddens me to see so many are still focused on race and beliefs. Regardless of race or beliefs this woman was human and what was done to her was wrong. The Elite want us to be devided for their evil plan to work, hence all the lies, decption, finger pointing, etc. The sooner we come together and realize that we are all the same on the inside, the sooner we can embrace the differences and be more knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding community. We have the power to change for the better but because we have been “taught” to fear and discriminate differences, we’re standing in our own way and allowing evil to rule. Not only do we need to wake our minds up to truthful knowldge, but we also need to wake our hearts up to understanding and compassion in order to help save our future.

    • Nicola

      The only statement I have read that actually is meaningful and not based on ones self – well said xxx

    • Agreed!!!

  • Robert

    if you don’t run from the police and you don’t antagonize the police, There is very little chance of you being beaten up by the police. When I am stopped by the police I say yes sir and thank you. You won’t have a problem if you just learn to shut the fuck up and do whatever he tells you to do. If he tells you to put out a cigarette, put out the damn cigarette. The cigarette can be used as a weapon if it is thrown at the officer. Most officers ask you to do something for their safety such as staying in your car or putting a cigarette out or making sure your hands can be seen at all times. An officer was recently killed by someone he had stopped and the individual shot him dead in the road. Every officer has to assume every suspect is armed. If you shut the fuck up, close your damn mouth and do with the officer says, you probably won’t have a problem. But if you are an ignorant fuck and you run or you antagonize the officer in my opinion you deserve to have your fucking ass beat in

    • Sheep Media

      Dude your ignorance is so overwhelming. She didn’t run, you don’t have to put out a cigarette in your OWN car. You commies are a disgrace to my country. You fuck she did nothing wrong. I PRAY you suffer when that police state’s in your face and you’d better get better knee pads, you small man with knee pads.

      • Eric

        Iiiii agree Robert, sheep, you are just like those Westboro Baptist people hahahaha

      • Brian Bentham

        Where’s your “proof” she did nothing wrong. You weren’t there and neither was anyone else posting, Anonymous included, if that’s even who they claim to be.

      • Brian Bentham

        I want the truth to come out as much as anyone, however accusations aren’t facts and the gravity thing is a little far fetched to be taken seriously IMO.

      • Tb

        Because ad hominem attacks are what convince people to your point of view. I actually agree with you but that is the absolute worst way to go about trying to get your point across.

    • Jen

      ummmm She didn’t run. She DID NOT have to put her cigarette, nor did she have to step out her car. Cop was wrong. No question.

  • Shae

    The world is coming to a fast end….get prepared!

  • Sangode

    Thank you, Anonymous. For too long – most of my teenage and adult life – I’d have to argue and explain to people how Black Americans are treated. The unfortunate thing about Sandra Bland is that it is not unusual. I come from a very mixed background, and get a great deal of ‘white privileges’ (by no means not all) – but it is distressing and wrong. People should not have to strategize how to deal with police in order not to die.

    • mill


  • Thejokeonu

    What’s crazy is everyone is getting taken for a ride by this government. Whites get it systematically, blacks get it every way possible! But if this place goes to war again and if it’s here on this land. It will be the worst war known to mankind because America houses and breeds enemies every second! Look around at your local banks… Seems like they are really protecting their interest, which is money and they know what we all don’t. America is next in the financial crisis and boy o boy. You money loving animals are going to go crazy. Especially you whites who believe this land was made for you. Don’t get scared, just wait on it! It’s coming! So keep enjoying your apple pie and riches that you won’t have access too. You guys have made more enemies than the devil ( if he existed) ttyl

  • gaey

    When will all this hate stop? I just don’t understand how someone can have so much hate for another person no matter what color,Religious beliefs,Sexual orientation or any other Differences. Why can’t we all Just get along.

  • neutralism

    so a day of rage where innocent people stand to get hurt or even killed is the answer? sounds like anarchy to me and that’s never a good thing.
    racism will never end unfortunately, there will always be some form of racism and it sucks big time. and that goes for any race. racism is not only black/white.
    racism….reverse racism. prejudice against people because of religion.
    I don’t care what someone’s background is. if they treat me nice, I reciprocate.
    if they treat me bad…..I move on. have no time for mean people

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  • Jen

    Really? Exposed???? Now I wouldn’t doubt it at all if they did kill Sandra, and that cop should def be fired regardless. He was completely out of line., but you have to back shit up before you claim you “exposed” somebody.
    You’re just another opportunist using a tragedy to loot and burn shit down and act like fucking animals! Hey, but y’all keep that shit up….it seems to REALLY be working for y’all.

  • paw

    They are going to do it tomorrow. The video was released Friday….and she was arrested Friday. Monday was the day they claimed she hung herself …..tomorrow’s Monday.

  • Lex

    When is the day? Oh, and count Oakland in, we will be there.

  • marcus anderson

    Some of u are right not all whites are bad but sometimes to get to a bad apple u have to go through a whole tree .the cigarette was a right she had,she was in her own dam car and he clearly would not tell her why she was being arrested I say they fry his ass!!!

  • Lou

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

  • Kohta

    So you guys only focus on African americans? Did you know that native Americans get killed more then blacks and hispanics? As we are nit 1% of the world’s population. But yet nothing is happening about that.

  • WC

    You are not taking me out like that I believe eye for and eye we need to stop taken this shit here in America from White People.Go out taking the police with you F them.

  • whydidireadthis

    dumb bitch killed herself. the end

  • Sam

    I’m waiting for the riots of Rodney King to commence.

  • Kerry Hamer

    Turn the ‘music’ off, it’s an unnecessary distraction, and makes it very difficult to listen to the real content!

  • Kay

    “commit to a day of rage” ANONYMOUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I’m with you that this case is sketchy, hell i’m even bordering the fence that this was a blatant murder/crime and justice should be served if that is the case, but to call out to americans and say “commit to a day of rage” is going to cause more issues than it will solve them! You want another Baltimore? You want innocent cops, shop owners, and citizens to be attacked, tortured, robbed, raped, and murdered? You realize how retarded some of our people are right? They’re not going to march the streets with friendly protest, they’re going to start setting fire to their cities. you’ll have people who don’t give two hoots about this case blowing shit up just because everyone else is getting away with it. God help us all.

  • Scott

    “Day of rage”… “we know where you live”…”We are coming after all of you”??? This will solve nothing. The video lost all creditability once I heard that.

    • Chris

      People of the United States commit to a day of rage! Operation rage engaged Seriously ! More hate is not a solution. No credibility once I heard this in the video, NONE! Whoever made his video calling for rage against our country you should be in jail. Hate and rage is not going to solve anything it is exactly the problem

  • John Smythe

    I have an idea, do not put yourself in a position to have to deal with the police…

  • Marlaina

    I’m tryin to join anonymous

    • Tb

      If you are “trying to join” anonymous you don’t understand what it is

  • david

    This is so stupid Sandra deserved to go to jail for acting like a complete fool. Its on her that she hung herself and I hope she enjoys her time in hell because we all know why she would be going there. Seriously Sandra could have gone on her merry way if she was respectful instead of acting like a complete asshat when she got pulled over. She could be living her life and enjoying her new job that she just got but instead she wants to mouth off to the authorities even though she got pulled over for doing something wrong and orginally the cop was going to give her a warning. Put yourself in the cops shoes what if you were that cop and you pulled her over and she acted like that seriously ask yourself that question

    • Josh

      I wouldn’t kill her for it. And I wouldn’t be overly aggressive. And I would have read her her rights. And I would have done everything differently, but you know…

  • FactsRuinMediaNarratives

    Brian Encinia is a Hispanic man, 30 years old at the time of the incident. (From Wikipedia)

    Yes let’s have a RAGE AGAINST HISPANIC COPS DAY. Damn Hispanics Killing Blacks.


    RAGE AGAINST whitey even when they Brown

    • Tb

      Agreed but there is systematic abuse of citizens rights within the police force and racism is the ugliest example of it.

  • The Game

    I’m down

  • Corey Johnson

    This is not the work of 1 silly pussy ass cop! So looking to arrest or whatever to him won’t be justice NO! All the officers in the Waller station, should be questioned and dealt with. This has been going on for far too, damn long, too long. Now it’s in your face, Sandra Bland didn’t die for nothing! This is her way of opening everyone’s eyes. She did it with her life, please don’t allow this to not be ended, no please don’t. I worked in Waller for a whiled, I have not been stopped by any , but they come in my restaurant. Black, White, Hispanic all, they have this “Down/Looking” attitude, as if I ain’t shyt to them ALL OF THEM! WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS WOMAN IS WRONG, WRONG! I don’t need no one to try and tell me different, so don’t reply, please!!? But you know, if there isn’t full justice done here, you all will have to answer to your GOD, yes! That’s for sure! DONE!

  • Chris

    I will say this, no freaking way did marijuana have anything to do with her death whoever is claiming this falsehood should be answering some questions i know plenty of people who have smoked pot all day long everyday and they are some very loving and happy people it does not kill alcohol has killed more people Tylenol has killed more people, staff infections in hospitals have killed more people. MARIJUANA DOES NOT KILL PEOPLE! Find another reason whatever but nobody is fooled into thinking she killed herself because she smoked pot!

    • ayfkmrn

      I find it funny the moderate chose to exclude my comment from earlier probably because it was full of fact and logic…what happened to free speech, everyone else got their say

  • judi

    Send all your blacks over here to canada. Shit like this doesent happen over here. Then watch all the whites turn on each other over there over there. Whats wrong with the contry that clamed its the best. Freedom for all. Ya what a joke…

    • Josh

      Please don’t lump the whole country in with a group of assholes. That alone is a little over the top, no? Not everyone in America is racist, or violent, or stupid.

  • chaplain daniel

    Hey Anon pls come to Arlington Tx Too!

  • Stupid

    Wow! I thought Anonymous was smarter then this! To actually believe that’s a photo of her dead?

  • Ayfkm

    So we hang those that have not had a trial and not all the facts have been presented? Is that not a form of racism? The social media is to blame here and they are making this a black and white issue. If you all claim that “All lives matter” then why is there no protest when a white woman is killed or is there this much attention given to it. The woman in LA who was walking home with her boyfriend and was executed with a gsw to the back of her head for no reason? Where was the protests and outrage?? The young lady who was gunned down on the pier in SF by a convicted multiple felon and illegal immigrant who was deported 5 times prior? Where was the outrage for that? It seems that when it’s assumed black and white, everyone gets their panties in a bunch and there is moral outrage. Freddie Gray, a know criminal who fought with police was killed….Trayvon Martin fought and there was outrage, ultimately there was a verdict of self defense. Now look at the flip side, Boston cop walks up to a vehicle and is shot in the head without provocation, there was minimal outrage but no riots. Hayward police sergeant pulls over a car for a traffic in fraction, driver gets out and kills him, again minimal outrage and no riots.
    Cops in this day and age need to remain cautious, for their own safety. Everyone forgets that and this is why he approached the vehicle how he did, because when he first made contact, he knew she was upset. How did he know that she did not have a weapon? In fact she was noted as running a stop sign prior to failure to make a proper lane change. All she had to do was be respectful to the officer and none of that would have happened. She resisted arrest and assaulted the office by kicking him. Did we all just forget that?
    She was in jail for 3 days and spoke to someone in the cell next to her, she had cut marks on her arm and expressed to the other inmate she was depressed. She became more distraught when a friend failed to answer his phone and come to pick her up. My question is, where was her family in all this? It was a small bond they could have flown there to get her out or called a bondsman to get her out. Did that ever get discussed?
    Reading these comments make me sick, yes it is sad she took her own life but that was her choice to do so. She chose to not be compliant with the officer and she ended up in that cell. Word is coming out now thy she also had a significant prior record that she still is paying off now. Where was this before? The whole outrage about her being in a jumpsuit at the time of her photos, did anyone take the time to think she may have needed it because of damage to her other clothing? No everyone just assumed the worst.
    If you all want to make it that #alllivesmatter then don’t pick and choose your cause, every race is racist, not just whites but no one focuses on that. If you want the best statistics, go to the FBI website and look them up, you might be shocked at what you see. Rant over.

  • Ellis

    What the fuck do we do about this? What are YOU really doing about this? What does humanity do about this?

    Absolutely nothing.

    Because we have allowed the veil to be over our eyes, and the people who have removed it get sidearmed until they just drink themselves into a stupor so they quasai see through the veil of forgetfulness all over again.




    I really hope I get caught up in a police brutality crossfire and get offed this stupid planet, because ALL OF YOU ARE WORTHLESS.

    Including me.

    Humanity sucks. We deserve the fiery pits of hell.

  • Britani

    So what about the recording of the phone call she made from her jail cell to a family member? Just curious seeing how that was never mentioned.

  • She shouldn’t have been imprisoned to begin with, but this evidence does NOT prove she was murdered. You are trying way too hard to pin it on the police here.

    If someone is wanting to kill themselves, and they are being asked if they are suicidal by someone who could prevent that from happening, they are going to say they aren’t planning on killing themselves. Also, the 2014/2015 suicide attempt year discrepancy proves that either Bland told them the wrong date, or they wrote the wrong year down. Just because they made a numerical error doesn’t mean they killed her. As for all that mugshot business…it’s slightly convincing but not nearly convincing enough to show that she was murdered.

    • Mysteryman

      If she was not murder, then why is all their facts they feed us is such a mess. First the side mug shot was clearly fake, even s kid would know, no police station would keep a darken mug shot and say, “its okay, bad lighting, but we’ll keep this one.” That is ludicrous and that alone is enough evidence of a cover up. Not to mention all the multiple fake stories they change over and over and we are supposed to take it as a reliable source just because they are the police, prosecutor, and judge?

      • Cody

        It’s not ‘clearly’ fake. I didn’t even think it was a sketchy mugshot. Yeah it’s dark, but again that and ONE misrepresented fact is not proof that they murdered her.

  • Mysteryman

    In all of history, its the corrupted officials who abuse their power, that is the problem. It is time we need a Robbin Hood to put them in their place. They have already proven to us that they don’t work for us but rule us. This was the reason the founding Fathers wrote the contiontution of rights, because of the fears of America becoming what it is today. We need to stop this, its bigger then race, its human rights. Don’t be blinded by color, but stand united as brothers and sisters. I support the rage for they need to know “We the people, by the people, will not be sheeps no more.”

  • Mysteryman

    With the poorly atemp of a cover up, they either is mocking us the people or they want us to expose the truth. Either way, they made their move, its our move now. And I say we send in the knights for a check on the chessboard.

  • Poole

    I cannot believe she is going to be another hashtag! Why is everything so quiet now?

  • Nicola

    I never read through all of these post but I have read through a lot of them and my heart actually aches – an innocent woman died at the hand of people who swore to protect her yet somehow it turned into a black and white race war… As someone pointed out earlier, you doing exactly what ‘they’ want you to do… Making it #blacklivesmatter is a kick in the head to anyone of any other race who lost loved ones at the hands of law enforcement so well done for playing into their hands, making this a race war. – a life is a life – it is not a colour – it is not a gender – it is not a religion!!!!
    And although there are racist cops out there the fact of the matter is that most of the violence carried out is because they are power hungry – something that I believe is fuelled within the police service as a whole – but we ignore the root cause because that’s to easy to deal with – we pass the blame, put it on race, the area you come from etc because that makes it a bigger problem that no-one person has to take responsibility for!! let’s face it, we as a human race are doomed – we are judgemental, media believing, money grabbing, self serving idiots – we believe we have the right to tell everyone how to live their lives and use media like this to promote hate and violence – a woman lost her life and I hope for her friends and family that they somehow manage to find peace and I hope her death is not used to spread more hate and pain – for in this world there is more then enough of that.

    But for you American the first thing you should be addressing is your need to bare arms – 7000 deaths this year – yet there is no big movement over this – like it is acceptable – I personally don’t understand that.

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  • Andrew Da Silva

    Anyone here heard of The Onion Router? or TOR? there’s a lot of information online that they don’t want you to see and they will arrest or even kill you over it. TOR also known as The Onion Router is one of those apps that allow you to find the “Dark Net” and anything on it. I’m probably gonna get in trouble for this so everyone remember what I just posted. As for the ‪#‎Anonymous‬, I believe in your fight! I believe in your purpose! Together we stand! Divided we fall! To everyone, this information is power, there’s assassination lists from the us on there. Documents proving that Canada has been bribed by american corporations. Truths about Iraq and Afghanistan such as classified files that show more than the government wants you to see. There’s filtering on our networks that don’t allow us to access certain information and this information is considered a security risk. Because if the American and Canadian people knew what our governments were holding back from us we would all snap. If we knew all the truths that they hold back from us, they would be powerless against us. Remember I believe in a free North America, freedom of information and freedom of life! This information is technically illegal so heads up, anyone to use this program better be smart and must accept the consequences of passing that threshold. There’s no going back and be extremely careful as to what you look for as there’s a lot of disturbing stuff on the dark net.

  • DEDE

    I still cannot believe in this day and age we still have racism. Like some one posted eralier, why don’t peole march or have a sign white live matters, well you guys can get together, like black people and do your own protesting, i’m sure blacks will be alongside as well, . I can say, when blacks has a church ALL are welcome, when blacks goes to white churches its a different story, the church will be fade out by the whites. The same with living in the same neighborhood blacks becomes in white move out, same with school, I can go on forever. The most racist people in the world are most white people, I think since Obama came in to power, the white people tries to get revenge, they are angry and very upset with all black people. You see black people speaks whats on their minds, they are not snitches like everyone else.
    Stay off the “Meths”

    • Nikki

      Honestly u believe white people eare welcome in every black area – and that black people don’t snitch- u seriously need to stay off the ‘meth’ or actually get out into the real world – racism isn’t just something that happens to black people – it does effect many other races and cultures too and it shouldn’t be #savewhitelives it should be #savelives – for every life matters – this is a stupid post wrote by someone who I believe has many issues, blaming the world for all their life’s problems, instead of accepting the fact that the reason that crap things happen has everything to do with them being a pompous ass and nothing to do with colour – but that’s my personal opinion not something all humans think!!!

    • Tb

      To say that most white people are racist is incredibly racist. You have zero knowledge of white people. Disliking someone because of their race is, by literal definition, racist. And you are saying you dislike white people. Thus you are lumping together every person with white skin on the planet together, despite the facts that many of the cultures that have white skinned people are radically different. You are a racist. And part of the problem.

  • Sara

    does anybody else see the what looks like blood on the right side of her face and throat in her mug shot? Maybe it’s shadows but it looks like smeared blood on her cheek and throat.. Also explains why she’s in an orange jump. Can’t possibly have her wearing the bloodied clothes from when these filthy cops murdered this poor woman in a mug shot of a supposedly living woman.

  • Gnothi Seauton

    Dear Anonymous,

    Find me. I want to help. Even if it’s making your coffee and washing the dishes. I don’t want to be caught with my pants down when the revolution comes. I want to help, I want to stop this injustice, I want to make this world a better place.

  • yup yours

    heh, anonymous, just as bad as the department who took care of sandra. wastes, just a bunch of ‘national lampoons’ hiding behind some mask. one of authority paid for you by the taxpayer the other warner brothers.

    cowards, so this is going to bring her back and bring her and her family justice? nope, neither side really cares.

    none fool me, been there, done that. what a load of garbage.

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  • mrgskcbd

    you know the police are criminals behind badges, you are aware that they are well educated in the art of altering facts and creating non-factual events to justify the level they had to use to answer the problem. you are aware that the police will not hesitate to pull their weapon and use it to address even a non-violent incident. giving all these facts that the police will do whatever is needed to cover-up their criminal actions resulting from their gestapho policing mind-set. and still you people act like ignorant fools and argue with them, make verbal threats, and refuse to follow their verbal commands which they have instructed you to comply. no one is saying that they are correct, or they have the right to do this. but when they are the ones wearing the badge with a gun and handcuffs… your best bet is to shut your face and listen to what they are telling you to do. your compliance with their request is not an admission of guilt, nor is it accepting the lack of professional procedure in which they may be handling this incident. what you are doing is minimizing the need of physical interaction by complying and maintaining non -threating manner which lessens the likelihood of physical violence being used against you. if you are one of those who cant control their anger and has a problem with authority , I suggest you change your ways or wind like others who have lost their lives for no good cause.

  • 0jr

    black panther trolls

  • Lia Pappa

    Is it me or do you all see that all people, who are in custody there, are all black?

  • Dave Gray

    Anonymous is a CIA operational tool they have been outed many times, it is mainly used to direct black hats to do its bidding, without them being aware they are being used as a political tool.