EVIDENCE: Unmarked Military Jet Ejecting Chemical Explosives Over the Populous?

Antelope Valley, CA. June 20, 2012

Antelope Valley, CA. June 20, 2012

Via ChemtrailsAVCA “I live in the Antelope Valley, California, home to one of the larger Military Industrial Complex facilities in the area. On the morning of July 20, 2012, prior to working in my shop, I set my camcorder on it’s tripod to record chemtrail activity throughout the day.

At approx 10:08 a.m. I heard what sounded like a gun shot outside and came outside to investigate. I looked up and saw a strange chemical looking cloud directly over head. Seconds later I heard another explosion and looked around. In the sky, I spotted a white military-style jet overhead and another small chemical looking cloud behind the jet. I had trouble locating the jet in the viewfinder of my camcorder due to the jet being directly overhead and operating the camcorder zoom while attached to the tripod. I did manage to zoom in on the jet and capture the jet ejecting a device from it’s rear that exploded with a audible explosive sound forming a chemical looking cloud.

I believe what I captured and witnessed was early testing of explosive devices containing chemicals to form a man made chemical cloud cover.

There is a distinct possibility this technology is the reason we are seeing these strange clouds formations that we have never seen in past years.”