Proof that Sandra Bland’s Mug Shot Was Edited & Why

ConspiracyClub| To clear up any rumors that Sandra Bland was dead at the time of her mug shot, Waller County Jail recently released an extensive video of Sandra’s booking.

The video reveals a huge knot on Ms. Bland’s forehead that has, obviously, been photoshopped out of her mug shot!

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That in and of itself is damning and conspiracy worthy, but there are still many questions that knot on her head might answer. In researching, I found this Opinion piece from a pathologist that makes a lot of sense.

As a retired research pathologist and physician I believe that I have a professional view of the situation with Sandra Bland.

I have carefully now considered the description of the autopsy report and it’s contents.

The autopsy does not prove she hung herself. There are too many questions still to be answered.

When she got out of the car and was verbally vigorously and firmly objecting to the officer’s requests, the officer then slammed her to the ground causing her to smash her head down, simply because he appeared to be angry at her questioning of him.
Then she complained she couldn’t hear, which indicates she suffered a concussion.

She told the officers she had epilepsy and was on a medication, Kepra.

There was also plant matter in her abrasions on her back, consistent with the day she was arrested, having been thrown to the ground and dragged. It is negligence for the jail not to have cleaned and treated her abrasions or allowed her to shower properly for three days to clean the wounds.

If the blood tests show she did not have her medication, then that also would be negligence, as lack of medication needed for epilepsy could have precipitated a seizure.

In addition, she had an unusually high amount of marijuana in her blood. Therefore, she was given a large amount of marijuana in the jail which she either ingested or smoked. That needs investigation. I am not an expert on effects of marijuana so I cannot comment on whether this can increase suicidal ideation or depression or if it can trigger seizures. These possibilities however, should be considered

A senior well-known forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht , who is also an attorney agrees with the above assessment during an interview on the radio here. – Sources

Did Sandra Bland have a concussion? Could a concussion have triggered her epileptic seizures and/or depression? Did the jail withhold, loose or refuse to obtain Bland’s seizure medication? Did they give her marijuana instead?

Why did they edit the knot on her forehead from the mug shot? Why did she still have grass and dirt in her wounds during the autopsy? Was she denied a shower for 3 days? Was she denied medical care?

Did debilitating depression, caused from the concussion, cause Sandra Bland to hang herself? Did Sandra Bland die from a grand mal seizure, and then her jailers staged a suicide, because they knew were culpable for denying her medical treatment and medication? Why didn’t they release information on the prescription drug in her blood, she was taking for epilepsy when they released the fact that she had pot in her system?

Indeed, there are more questions than answers. Hopefully, a full autopsy report will reveal the answers we need. But, we may never know what truly happened or didn’t happen to Sandra Bland during her fatal 3 day stay in a Waller County Jail.