Magazine article from 1994 depicts Beavis & Butthead dressed as Al Qaeda flying planes into the WTC

From Vice Magazine1994:

bz55c3a6be In my opinion the numerous examples of predictive programming about 9/11 prove the powers-that-should-not-be had foreknowledge of the event.

I’m not saying what happened on 9/11 was this or that, but I find it strange that so many predictive type things showed up years leading up to it. Self fulfilling prophecy?

  • Steve

    The author of the Article says I’m not saying this or that, and you know what… I don’t give a damn if you don’t have the balls to stand up and call it what it is then don’t call attention to it. 911 was an Inside job. Just say it.

    Everyone arguing about jet fuel and steel beams … look at the facts.- The lone gunmen pilot Episode 3/01, Movies like Bad Company and Collateral Damage about the WTCs and terror all being pulled back to be released in 2002 the list of dead witnesses numbering over 50. The gag orders, Larry Silverstein having an insurance policy specifically highlighting terrorist attacks, then the Greedy bastard sued to be paid twice because their were two planes.

    So many people on the fence about this always saying- I’m not saying this or that”yet you’ll point out the foreknowledge play coy. You know why because your scared of what other people think. Your scared your going to be called a Conspiracist. So fucking what. My point has always been when its backed by fact its not theory its truth. I don’t care what people call me. Id rather be hated for thinking for myself and speak what I believe and stand by it, then to pretend I believe the official story when I don’t just to avoid people labeling me or backlash.