Lily Earthling on Healing, Earth Organic Source Timeline and CERN By Eve Lorgen

Editor’s Note: This information isn’t for those with short attention spans, but it contains valuable information. I hope this resonates with you, but should it not, please keep your negativity and/or non-heart based comments to yourself. Thank for understanding.

Image Source:  Wikimedia Commons The organic Earth template looks like a target symbol, with one dot in the center of a circle.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
The organic Earth template looks like a target symbol, with one dot in the center of a circle.

Eve Lorgen| This is a collection of five video talks by Lily Earthling from 2/2015 to 4/2015 which are about personal and collective healing, the major issues with CERN and what this really means to Gaia/Earth and our own spiritual paths back to Internal Source Creation.

I summarized the essential bullet points of all five videos with emphasis on what I understand out of the talks, that I feel are very important. I also am on a healing path of integration and reconnection with Spirit, Earth and what Lily Earthling calls Internal Source Creation. Because I am still on my own path of healing and re-integration, I may not have realized everything stated by Lily, yet feel what she has revealed important enough to share with my own readers.

I want to point out that I am also doing clearing work with methodologies that have included Holographic Kinetics, which takes into consideration the importance of connecting with Spirit. Once this personal connection to ones own Spirit happens, we are more able to realize our connection to Earth and the entire Internal Spiritual Source Creation. Some call this the entire universe of All That Is, that resides within us, in our Spirit, that can be accessed via the Heart. This happens via release of traumas, letting go of false mental beliefs and “programs”, integrating Spirit with Soul and ones own body fully. I believe this must happen with a purity and intensity of intent to heal, yet also with love and respect for all organic life and our connection to Earth. Love is very important, and this can only fully blossom when we start connecting and feeling through our heart and intuition. It doesn’t mean allowing abuse, passivity or all “love and light” without discernment however.

What I realized through my own and others’ healing process is that there is Soul programming mostly via astral mental parasites, false religious and spiritual teachings and via the repeated incarnational experiences of trauma. It is absolutely essential to clear and heal these traumas and false beliefs which can set you on a path of spiritual suicide, where your Soul is actually programmed against the wisdom, love, life and power of your own Spirit. Lily explains some of this in the Healing videos with diagrams and charts she uses to show what is happening on Earth now.

Even though Lily emphasizes the importance of self healing as being something we can only do for ourselves, ie., alone and with the Earth— I believe that healing is facilitated if we have others in a support system who have also done their healing, spiritual-soul-Earth-Source Creation integration work. It is important that our own support system of healers, mentors, etc., be with those who are authentically connected to their own Spirit and of the Earth Organic Internal Source Creation, and not able to deviate us on these tangential, corrupted, cloned inorganic types of  counterfeit healing paths. None of us is perfect, and many of us are on a healing path in various stages and layers of healing and reconnection back to Spirit/Earth/Organic Life Source Creation. I believe when we are humble and maintain a solid, pure intention to heal, according to highest Organic Spirit Wisdom, we will be led to what we need to learn and experience in order to heal. Ultimately this is a self-discovery process, with the caveat that “self” is the ego in agreement with highest Spirit wisdom, which is actually a humble and genuinely compassionate place and with much Power.

Of course I can go on about how we are easily distracted via predictable “patterns and tendencies” according to gender, culture, bloodlines, metaphysics and sources of corruption to take people “down”. But I also must say that people can change and heal, even from the worst traumas and situations.

Lily Earthling Videos:

1) Healing Part 1

2) Healing Part 2

3) Healing Part 3 and CERN

4) Astral Timeline Commentary from the Alfred Webre show with Wendy & Aurorafrom 3/17/015


Re: What is going on with Astral Timelines and how they are falling apart, how it’s reflecting on planetary level.

5) Earth Timeline Mechanics, Matrix (astral timeline) Creation Mechanics (2/5/2015)


Healing Part 1: Bullet Points


  • The true healing journey into wholeness, integration personally and with Gaia. This is the true “Earth/Planetary” timeline. We are returning from fragmentation back to Source in a Biorgenesis Healing Process.
  • We must heal our Mental Body from the false astral programs of the Matrix. This aspect of our being is more separated from the Organic Source Being, and is associated with the astral, moon and pineal gland.
  • The problem with the Mental Body is that it is connected to the Matrix, an inorganic machine-like consciousness that feeds on our Spirit to keep its programs running.
  • Our mental, emotional and physical body must be integrated and healed into wholeness before we can connect to the Planet/Gaia consciousness as One.
  • From this place of Oneness with the Planet, then we can move towards a collective planetary healing, and then into a Solar System and beyond healing.
  • Our physical body, of the Earth is our Source to this Organic Frequency.
  • If unhealed and unintegrated in our mental, emotional and physical body, our Spirit energy is used to feed the Matrix Mental and Astral bodies/levels.
  • When we heal and integrate our Spirit Organic Source energy is returned to us and our intuitive and intelligence capacities increase. This healing also “zaps” the astral matrix programs, which may “react” to our unplugging with chaotic manifestations.
  • The mental body can be shocked when we start to heal and integrate and many “astral programs” and parasites seek to justify their existence and try to feed and “re-hook” you into the deceptive programs and reality. (We see this alot in the alien interference and inter-dimensional interference issues, targeted individuals etc.)
  • The Organic Source energy cannot be recognized or really understood by the inorganic Matrix energy/AI. The latter sees the Organic Source being as a threat or resource to be controlled and exploited.
  • Now Earth is waking up from a coma and zapping our “mental programs”.
  • Our emotional and physical body is more connected to the Organic Earth/Gaia source energy but also needs to be healed.
  • When we heal and we get to a point of collective planetary healing, we will see how language will also be healed to be such that there are no more double meanings, and we say what we mean and mean what we say.
  • When we are integrated personally and start to connect with Gaia, we will be more intuitive through feeling and direct knowing with other beings, their intentions etc. We will be able to recognize astral fake programs and deceptions.

Healing Part 2: Bullet Points


  • The Matrix is falling apart. The time “loop” experiment on Earth is no longer in power. We are now on a “real Earth timeline”.
  • Each day something new is brought out by astral programs to manipulate the timeline into either the Matrix positive or negative timeline or others. These attempts are becoming more desperate.
  • The real Earth timeline can only be facilitated by Earthlings who are on a true healing and integration path, not based on false astral/mental programs, but on organic connection to Source Being, of Spirit, Earth.
  • First borns are those who are still unintegrated with their Spirit, Soul and Earth and functioning from Soul being entrapped in the Pineal/Moon Astral programs. This lack of integration feeds the Matrix Astral Levels and Parasites.
  • Second borns are those who have done their healing, integrated mental, emotional, physical and spiritual with the Earth. They unplug their spiritual energies from the Matrix and connect in a greater oneness with the Earth/Gaia. They do not return to feed the astral recycling program.
  • Earth gives spirit to the baby/human and is the driving force behind the intelligence of the physical body.
  • Astral and mental levels have no real Spiritual power. They must get it from humans in bodies.(ie the parasitization process)
  • Souls get entrapped in the astral time loops and “karma”.
  • Many are on a “self-sacrifice” program to feed the astral levels and cloned spirituality systems/hierarchies. (Unless they heal, integrate and drop the false programs and re-claim their Spirit)
  • The necessity of healing and integrating our mental, emotional, physical and Gaia connection in oneness to be fully embodied and empowered by our Spirit through connection with Earth.

Healing Part 3 and CERN: Bullet Points


  • There are many desperate attempts by astral beings and programs, who are creating “upgrades” in unawakened/unhealed people with mind programs to keep trying to re-install some sort of Matrix timeline.
  • Clues to these “astral programs” can be decoded in the alternative media with buzz words like “the shift”, positive timeline, portal and stargate gridworker openings, ascension”. This is actually part of the CERN agenda.
  • CERN is trying to create a physical level technology that gives them artificial physical grid lines, that connect astral to physical, so that they can create a new time loop with a completely open door to all astral and other dimensional beings here. They need some sort of other worldly crystalline technology to do this and have not done this yet.
  • The crystalline grid technology is needed for a continued Matrix Prison.
  • The Matrix controllers wanted to move crust of Earth 23.4 degrees back so that the astral levels from previous Atlantean times(?) can re-align with physical grid and keep portals and stargates open to the astral realms. This is how they would create a  ”Matrix timeline shift”, but you don’t want that.
  • CERN trying to activate grid to connect to Astral levels, this is what they saw with the Rainbow Universe, these were actually astral levels.
  • The Moon is like a big ship container for Souls, an astral beings operation for this planet. Like a huge pineal gland on a planetary level.
  • Alternative media is a source of many astral parasite beings and programs geared to distract you from healing, integration and organic connection to Spirit and Earth, by keeping you in the mental realm endlessly researching etc.
  • We must stay in the Here and Now, being Embodied in Earth and Spirit.

4) Lily’s commentary on Astral Timelines and Alfred Webre Show with Wendy and Aurora from 3/17/015


  • Many aspects of this information is still part of “astral programming” when they talk about the “positive Earth timeline shifts”.
  • The real breakdown of the “controlled programmed astral levels” won’t take place until 2017.(But its already beginning now)
  • Astral level collectives will start “defecting” from these astral level timelines and start moving on.
  • Internal Source Creation is not an external light creation, it is actually dark matter, a void. (This is also what the core of the Earth is—Internal Source Creation)
  • In our reality the only real organic planetary bodies are the Earth and the Sun, who are working together in a path back to Source.
  • 2015 is really the new 2017 in that this is the year when we have the ability to collectively move out of astral timelines and accept the true planetary timeline, and this is a healing and integration process.
  • CERN is trying to get us into another “time loop” to avoid the real planetary timeline which is all about healing, integration, Source and Earth connection.
  • Many people are still being tricked with astral upgrade programs to re-install some matrix positive timeline, ie., the Andromedan Council etc.
  • Astral beings do not understand the power of true Gaia and Earth timeline of Internal  Source Creation.
  • Lots of spiritual ego going on with groups who claim to be all about healing the planet etc. They take a good idea with beautiful speech but corrupt and manipulate it with the spiritual hierarchy programs and astral tagging. How quick people can be astrally tagged and reprogrammed with upgrades to desperately keep this false matrix program going, without even knowing they are being used.

5) Earth Timeline Mechanics, Matrix (astral timeline) Creation Mechanics (2/5/2015)


Bullet Points: 

  • Earth timeline mechanics related to the 23.4 degree tilt of the Earth’s axis.
  • Reverse polarized time cycles created way back in Atlantis, this created the Matrix which includes “time loop cycles”. Before time was more linear. Atlantean technology and destruction caused the time cycle loops, which are “astral parasite” extension feeding agendas.
  • CERN agenda is part of the astral parasites–the envious, anti-organic life source beings (i.e. Archons & minions) )who want to open portals, so they can rip open more timelines for endless Matrix cycles which will kill Gaia and be a suicide mission for our Spirits, Souls and the Earth.
  • Most attempts by the Matrix controllers and parasites are trying to shift earth’s crust, with all manner of earthquakes, bombs, CERN experiments and technologies in an attempt to open portals/stargates and disconnect Gaia and her children from Organic Source life.
  • Most beings on this planet are on a programmed, spiritual sacrifice, suicide mission via programming from envious astral parasites and hyperdimensional beings.
  • Suicide programs are the “shift”, the ascension, pole shifts, portal openings, new timelines, grid light-workers to open portals and CERN.
  • Stay with Organic Internal Source creation of the planet, Gaia and your Spirit by healing, integrating, connecting to life source creation of Earth and not the fake matrix astral mental programs!
  • Fake programs and teachers are things like the Merkabah timelines and elaborate geometric meditations, Drunvalo Melchisadek, Ashayana Deane, and others who promote ascension, the shift and need to “raise frequency”.
  • All you need to do is heal, harmonize, balance your frequency with the Earth, release traumas, mental, “astral programs” and false spiritual hierarchy beliefs. Integrate, mental, emotional, physical (i.e.., integrate Soul and Spirit to Organic Earth Internal Source Creation) Heart/Love centered.
  • Do not support CERN or any more false spiritual teachings, teachers, and do your own healing work.
  • Tim

    Excellent bullet points Eve Thank You so much, you have done what i needed to do 🙂 ……….”Second borns are those who have done their healing, integrated mental, emotional, physical and spiritual with the Earth. They unplug their spiritual energies from the Matrix and connect in a greater oneness with the Earth/Gaia. They do not return to feed the astral recycling program”…………. i took 2nd borns to be Sophia’s adopted children, souls that are more astral than earth-like, as opposed to first borns who are the other way round.