Jade Helm Troops Forcibly Microchip Texas Families

VIA| The internet is abuzz with reports of forced micro-chipping taking place in Clint, Texas. Dozens of families were said to be rounded up by American troops, and given the option of an RFID implant, or imprisonment for an indefinite amount of time.

These allegations first appeared on Twitter, and has exploded across the social media landscape. While some were skeptical of the accusations, others swore by the events, and had the RFID chips to prove it.


“Military personnel rounded up everyone on our street. They forced their way into the homes of people who wouldn’t open their doors. We were put on military trucks and drove to the old Hartwell Mall about ten miles from here. We were separated and put in holding cells based on our age and gender. We were then called 3 at a time to another room and given the option to have an RFID implant, or be imprisoned in the base for an unspecified amount of time. Some of the soldiers were arguing amongst themselves.. I could hear one of them saying, “this isn’t what I signed up for. I wanted to protect Americans, not imprison them…”, but the officer in charge reminded them that they have their orders, and if they’re not carried out then they would be thrown into prison themselves.”
  • Linda Kuk

    That is a fake photo of twitter generated on a meme generator?

  • Ben

    Even if this isn’t true that’s not to say it wouldn’t be if “our” government wanted to do such a thing. It’s not our system and probably never was.

  • Bob

    Posting this kind of unverified shit actually hurts the cause.

  • psittacid

    Oh…my….God. The United States is invading itself. They are forcing the people who really know what’s going on to wear tinfoil hats. Surprising? I don’t think so. After all, Obama has already taken all of our guns, just like we said he would.