EASY At Home Exercises Before Starting Your Day Or When You Get Home!

Below is a diagram for easy exercises to do at home before starting with your daily routine in the morning or even when you get home in the evening. 

Use your favorite music to do these easy exercises and soon you’ll not only see the results, but you will also feel a lot better.

Questions you might have:

What are High Knees?

What are Burpees? A whole sequence of them will really get your heart racing. Squat, then put your hands to the ground. Kick your legs straight back behind you, landing on your toes. Then do a push-up, bring your legs back underneath you, and jump straight up off the floor. That’s one burpee.

What are Crunches? Crunches are sit-ups elevated to new heights of fitness.

What are Squats? These exercises are for toning the hips, thighs, calves, and butt while strengthening the core.

What is the 1 Minute Wall Sit? The Wall Sit can be infamously painful and fantastically effective for toning the butt. 

We hope you enjoy these “Fitness At Home” exercises. Make it even more fun by including family members or friends. – A Sheep No More.