HUGE Explosions At U.S. Military Base Warehouse In Japan

Explosions-at-Japan-military-depot Several huge explosions were heard today at a US army base in Japan.

At least 10 fire engines rushed to the scene in Sagamihara city, south of Tokyo, amid reports of a blast sparked by an unknown cause.

Footage shows several small bangs and one huge explosion, which witnesses described on social media as like “a fireworks display.”

The site is part of a US army complex next to the capital where three deliberate explosions were reported in April, in what police suspect was an act of left-wing Japanese extremists. (source)

According to Reuters:

The local fire department said it received a call just after midnight of an explosion at a U.S. Army depot where it said “dangerous material” is stored and sent firefighters.

It added that the fire had subsided and there was no danger of it spreading since there were no adjacent buildings. The cause of the fire was not immediately known, the fire department said.

In Washington, U.S. Navy Commander Bill Urban said the blast was at a building at the U.S. Army Sagami General Depot in Sagamihara, about 25 miles (40 km) southwest of Tokyo.

“There are no reports of injury, and base firefighters and first responders are currently fighting the resulting fire to prevent its spread to nearby buildings,” Urban said in an emailed statement.

A U.S. Army spokesman said the building did not in fact store any hazardous material.

“The building that exploded was not a hazardous material storage facility. We are in the process of determining the contents of the building. The depot does not store ammunition or radiological materials,” Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Toner told Reuters in an email.

He added that no troops lived at the depot, where an estimated 200 personnel work in the daytime.