Report: UN Peacekeepers Traded Relief Aid For Sex With Women In Haiti

20150610 un haiti Peacekeepers had “transactional” sex with more than 225 Haitian women who needed food and medication, according to an internal United Nations report.

United Nations peacekeepers engaged in “transactional sex” with more than 225 Haitian women who needed food and medicine, according to a U.N. report obtained by the Associated Press.

A draft report by the Office of Internal Oversight Services, which investigates, audits and evaluates the U.N., explored how the organization’s peacekeeping mission deals with rampant sexual abuse and exploitation in Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas.

According to the report, 480 sexual exploitation and abuse claims were made from 2008 to 2013, the BBC reported. One third of the abuse involved minors under 18.

The report found that rural women — motivated by hunger and lack of shelter, medicines and baby care items — had “transactional sexual relations” with U.N. peacekeepers. Urban and suburban women had sex with U.N. workers in exchange for cell phones, laptops, perfumes, money and “church shoes,” the AP reported. Read more here:

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