Virginia Journalist False Flag Hoax Shooting Hits An All Time Low; SERIOUS FAKERY!!!

*****Editor’s Note: I warned everyone on August 21st that we need to be prepared for another false flag shooting as they are in desparate need of that gun grab. Here is the Facebook post where I wrote the following:  Re-post in preparation for our next false flag and/or gun grab shooting! And I took a screen shot of that post just in case it got deleted. (NOTE THE DATE OF MY POST ON 8/21/15 AND THE SHOOTING EVEN OCCURRED ON 8/26/15).


Just WATCH the video below. This latest false flag shooting is the psychological operation (PSYOP) of PSYOPS. I hope people have the “eyes to see and ears to hear” so they can look at this clip critically vs using their “triggered” emotions in order to see through the thick veil of dishonesty and tomfoolery

Whatever kind of event is shown on the controlled Corporate media news, let it be known that the American populous is purposely designed to be witness of the it because there is an agenda behind it. It’s called the Hegelian Dialect. The Hegelian Dialectic is, in short, the critical process by which the ruling elite create a problem, anticipating in advance the reaction that the population will have to the given crisis, and thus conditioning the people that a change is needed. When the population is properly conditioned, the desired agenda of the ruling elite is presented as the solution. (Problem, Reaction, Solution)

Words cannot describe how bad of a hoax the Virginia Shooting was. A guy walks up within feet of the female reporter that he supposedly shoots and kills and stands there for over 20 seconds pointing a pistol and a camera at her before shooting  …and she doesn’t even notice him during those entire 20 seconds?

Not only does she not notice him, but the woman being interviewed and the cameraman somehow fail to notice him too. This is also assuming there were no other crew there apart from these two employees.

The woman’s reaction to being shot is laughable at best. Wake up people, your entire world is scripted.

And by showing this staged event LIVE their intent is that the people will assume it is real. But anyone with any type of discernment left can clearly see its all TOTAL BULLSH*T (no statistics available on the amount of the US population who’ve lost their ability to discern via the MSM propaganda news, however, I’m certain the Tavistock Institution has that information).

Of course most people will feel sorry for our wonderful US Corporate media actors, who would NEVER lie to us, when one of their own is murdered by these CRAZY GUNS and hence the need for gun control. (getting old)

This is another hoax for the ongoing attempt at a gun grab and also a diversion to the BS that’s going on in the world right now e.g Global Economic Crisis, the Ponzi scheme called Wall Street, Forced Vaccinations: SB277 PASSED and (ones on the way for adults, too), the War on Syria for another regime change,  etc etc.

“In the cam video, it showed plainly that no bullet struck the female reporter. She did not react physically. She never winced, fell back, bent over or even grab at the wound to which everyone does. There was no blood, no rips, no hole or any sign that a bullet had hit her at all. Not only that, she remained upright, turned and ran away full speed with no sign of injury. – PK

“All the world’s a stage ….”

WATCH: I mean, every shooter brings his own camera to actually record the event for a LIVE performance on the MSM propaganda machine:

Per CNN, as usual, they use Zionist Wolf Blitzer as their pawn to exploit the lies; seriously, he’s not that bad of an actor. See here:

Then Hilary Clinton, as if right on cue, comes in calling for anti-gun legislation (the gun grab I posted about on August 21st regarding how the Hegelian Dialectic is utilized against a populous in preparation of the next false flag shooting). See Hilary’s performance here:

  • Tom

    I posted something on facebook this morning, going on record as saying the second I spotted it I knew it was fake, and I believe I may also have proof in the separate audio files. In the news report, note the EIGHT shots, and then you hear the female reported shout ‘oh my god’ and then smash cut to the reporter in the studio (this is important to note; eight shots, ‘oh my god’ and then cut back to the studio). If you then watch the handheld ‘gunman’ video after the eighth shot, you hear who is presumably the camera man shouting, and making noise, at exactly the same point the cnn report cut back to the studio, but you can’t hear the female reporter. In the handheld video the gunman continues shooting, but in no way is the audio the same as the PRE-RECORDED cnn report. In my eyes this is indisputable evidence (not that you need any if you have half a brain) that the whole thing was faked, and the guy that had to edit in the audio made a mistake.

  • Aree

    What really puzzled my fiance & I was how the reporters boyfriend quickly goes on Twitter and starts tweeting about how much he loved her etc.. How can someone even think about going on Twitter right after their loved one is killed? Then he doesn’t just tweet once but a couple of times! A person should be grieving. Perhaps would want to be left alone for awhile? Doesn’t it seems strange for someone so in love to run to social media? He did manage to get thousands of people to follow him & retweet him. Doesn’t sound like he was so in love. It looks like he took this event as an opportunity to get well known & boy did it work!

  • Rj

    Wake up sheeple!!

  • WatchmanOf Ezekiel33

    Video removed but I am sure Millions have it downloaded and it will be re-uploaded over and over. They cannot stop the truth from coming out.

  • Video taken off YouTube!!

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  • The video has been removed from YouTube like most of them.

  • Sowotsup

    video has been pulled off you tube by government

  • CC

    I was suspicious on how cut and dry this whole situation this was. I discovered the twitter account that was used by the “shooter” in all the news reports; was created on 8/9/2015 and had just 17 followers. After being a career journalist, I guess he just decided to open a twitter account, post a few tweets, then just vomit evidence all over the place.

  • infiniti spiral

    Whether this was fake or not, I personally LOVE how predictable the media, the president, and all the other “usuals” are at not letting a tragedy go to waste… I saw the gun control argument rear it’s ugly head a mile away when I heard about this. If this is real (ahem), then immediately politicizing it trying to further the multiple agendas that always (ALWAYS, PEOPLE! DAMN IT MAN!) was in very poor taste. If it’s staged, then they’re ALL bad actors and are really showing their hand. Too early for me to decide, but I refuse to blindly follow, believe or trust anything nowadays

    • infiniti spiral

      oops, I meant “multiple agendas that they always push”… always proofread people, very important

  • Jock Doubleday

    “Fierce recoil”? No.

    “She was the most radiant woman I ever met,” her boyfriend Tweeted . . . 12 minutes BEFORE it was known by anyone that she had died.

    Purely a hoax. No deaths. Meet the actors in the Virginia “shooting”:

    End game: 1) encouraging race riots 2) getting Americans’ guns.

    ☑ Hoax Date August 26, 2015 = 8/26/2015 = 8/8/8
    ☑ “8” Shots Fired
    ☑ Alison “Parker” recycled from Robbie “Parker” from Sandy Hook Hoax
    ☑ “Alison” Parker recycled from “Allison” Wyatt, a Sandy Hook “Massacre Victim”
    ☑ “Adam” Ward recycled from “Adam” Lanza of Sandy Hook Hoax
    ☑ Adam Ward supposedly graduated from Virginia Tech (reminder to 2007 Virginia Tech “shooting massacre”)
    ☑ No Blood
    ☑ No Wound
    ☑ No Bullet
    ☑ No Bullet Entry in Body
    ☑ No Bullet Casing Ejection
    ☑ No Bullet Casing Ejection Sound
    ☑ No Bullet Casing Seen
    ☑ No Gun Recoil (note: Hollywood style only one hand holding while firing a powerful handgun)

    Cops force deletion of footage of Virginia shooter suicide scene. Why? Could it be because it wasn’t a suicide?
    “BBC journalists covering Virginia shooting ‘threatened by police,’ forced to delete footage”


  • Rob Gad

    The really odd things about the Virginia Journalist Shooting Incident, that every person can realize if you know what to look for, proves that this was a Hoax for the Gun Reduction Lobby.
    I have aired the many media accounts of the incident, and the multitude f back to back interviews the “father” and “boyfriend” gave to so many press companies and live media news media outlets that I literally lost count. In these there were three versions of three :live shooting” videos, some slightly edited from the original lapel cam that the shooter was supposed to be wearing on his right shirt pocket.
    My investigation was strictly limited to the shooter, the journalist, the nterviewer and the camera man, all of which were supposedly shot, two fatally. The other two individuals were the journalist fatger and male friend (some say boyfriend) from their televised interviews.
    The strange problems with this “False Flag” or “Hoax” attack are obvious from viewing the official video full speed and frame-by-frame. The young short fat black shooter turned into a stocky middle aged tall white man on the video. If we are lead to believe the shooter had the camera mounted at chest height on himself, literally mounted behind the pistol, then why does the photographed angle show it above the female journalist’s apparent height in high heels. when they were reported to be the same height. And why did his hand magically become that of a large white middle aged male shooter in the video? The third and most telling issue in the video was the firearm, an apparent 9mm automatic f unknown brand, had some interesting flaws. Inn all automatic pistols the upper portion of the firearm,known as an unloader, slides back quickly when fired and ejects the empty spent brass bullet cartridge. In the several filmed firings on the video this never happened, no unloader sliding back and no ejected empty round, eyet the muzzle flash was visible to the camera. Another tell-tale piece of vital information was the small female journalist in high heels was believed to be shot at close range on camera at least 3 times, yet she did not move in any was consistent with being struck with a hgh powered pistol at close range. One shot should have caused her to fly horizontally back then appear to flip up by the actions of her high heels that exaggerate this motion, and in three hits directly in front of the camera no deformation to her clothing or her person was clothing. She was never seen to go down on camera as the camera angle quickly changed. this is all that was released by the police dept in the official video to the media. The next day the “father and friend” were on local and national news broadcasts, telling less about the journalist that was supposed to loose her life there, and saying more about gun control. Within two days they were both identified as actors.
    This well photographed firearm is what is called a Non-Gun in te acting world. It has no movng parts oter than the trigger to initiate the flash and bang sound electronically. It does not hold bullets, just batteries, and the unloader does not slide back or eject an empty bullet casing. And no it doesn’t do that so quickly that it wouldn’t be seen on te tape. If the camera was fasy enough to videotape the flash from the muzzle, it was fast enough to catch the unloader slide back and see the spent cartridge flying up and to the right.
    This is just another of a series of daily gun violence media stunts for the cause of creating a public opinion against gun owners to force legislation to remove firearms from the people. The truth is that gun violence is half as bad as it was 20 years ago, but yu could never know it from the propaganda machine marching on all of us.

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