Venezuela: Dozens Injured & One Dead During Supermarket Stampede

venezuela-shortages-wikimedia-1 TheDailySheeple| Venezuela’s economy has been crumbling for some time now, as the value of their currency plunges and store shelves are stripped bare. Their command and control financial system has led to nothing but poverty and shortages, which is inevitable in any strictly socialist nation. And where you have shortages, you’ll find people displaying erratic and desperate behavior.

Media sources in Venezuela have claimed that a state-run supermarket offering subsidized goods, recently witnessed a stampede of desperate customers. The military was called in to quell the crowd, which numbered in the thousands. Throughout the ordeal, 75 people were injured and one 80-year-old woman was trampled to death.

The authorities have yet to confirm these claims, and President Maduro has accused his opponents of exaggerating these stories to undermine his government.

In either case, at least we can rest assured that this would never happen in America, right? (Watch below video)