Are You Tired Of Being An Economic Slave?


Julie Telgenhoff| Most people today don’t even realize that they are an economic slave to a system that was designed to be built up and then broken down after it became necessary for this large slave population to be herded into a globalized tyrannical government (NWO).

If we are being honest, what is one of the first questions we ask our children regarding their interests with regards to a future vocation? Do we unknowing say, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” which we then somehow manage to tie into some sort of economic slavery position? I’ve actually witnessed some parents sway their child’s answer (desire) because that child’s interest would NOT put them in a higher position ($$$) on the economic slavery ladder.


The biggest problem on this planet is government. If you trace the etymology of the word government, from Latin we have, “Gubernare”: To Control and “Mente”: Mind. Therefore, government literally means “Mind Control.”

So why are we allowing ourselves and our children to be economic slaves to a system of mind control?


We first need to deprogram ourselves from this belief system that has been engrained in our minds that there is a necessity to be mind controlled or governed by an “in disguise” police state. That would mean the word “anarchy” becomes the new paradigm.

Why do you think those government controlled indoctrination centers, that gave us our education, told us that the word “anarchy” meant “chaos” and “no rules” when in reality, tracing its etymology from the Greek prefix we get “an”:  without; the absence of and the Greek noun “archon”: master; ruler. And therefore, “Anarchy” does NOT mean “without rules.” Anarchy literally means “WITHOUT RULERS; WITHOUT MASTERS.” An anarchist wants FREEDOM and needs “NO RULER“; NOT the absence of rules because anarchy is based upon moral code and Natural Law.


Did you even know there is such thing called “Natural Law?” If not, please take the time (true currency) to watch Mark Passio’s Natural Law seminar below. 

Personally, I believe Americans enjoy their servitude ….they’ve lost their zest for life which includes their imagination and therefore, they cannot even envision a new world order without that mind control system in place. In addition, change would be required and most are resistant to that change because it would involve some inconvenience and a lot of responsibility. 

How about YOU? Are you ready to become free from this economic slavery? Can you embrace ‘Natural Law?’