FOX NEWS|  The Pentagon on Thursday pledged “utmost care” for the remains of fallen soldiers following a report that the remains of at least 274 troops were dumped in a Virginia landfill.

The report, in The Washington Post, revealed that the Air Force used the landfill far more frequently than had previously been acknowledged. The practice was ended three years ago.

“The secretary is aware of this media report and remains committed to the utmost care for our fallen heroes and their families,” George Little, spokesman for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, said in a statement.

Little added that Panetta supports “the current practice of placing subsequently identified remains at sea, which has been the policy of the department since 2008.”

According to the Post, incinerated partial remains were dumped at a King George County landfill in Virginia. They were cremated between 2004 and 2008.

The report was based on database information at the Dover Air Base mortuary, where the remains of most war dead return. The revelations came after a four-year inquiry by the widow of Sgt. Scott Smith, who was killed in July 2006 as part of a bomb-disposal unit. She kept asking about where his remains were placed and eventually got the answer.

The families of the dead authorized the military to dispose of the remains respectfully and with dignity. They were unaware of the landfill dumping, and Air Force officials told the newspaper they have no plans now to alert the families.

Military policy or regulations did not formally authorize the practice. The mortuary has handled the remains of more than 6,300 troops since 2001.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  • ames

    wtf.. thats the thanks they get for dying for our country so the fools on their beds can pocket even more money wow just wow and they stopped this practice 3yrs ago so that means O dumber was fully aware but at the same time i feel it went on a hell of alot longer than that. The Army and the white house needs to be bleached

    • i agree with you 100 % / this is complete lack of respect and thanks for those who gave their lives so that we have our freedoms. all who were involved in this extremely tasteless act should be publically humiliated at least. where ever these bodies are at now should be closed and be dedicated as a shrine / memorial yo the fallen heroes

  • SarCrewman

    They are not Heroes. They are dead.
    Their families in the US lost freedoms while they were fighting the US-created boogyman overseas.
    Many things that used to be a subset of war are now a substitute for war.
    Top of that list is winning.

    • AR

      SarCrewman…. How is it that the families lost the right to have their loved ones returned to them? If anything, their sons and daughters who fight for their country, earned–more than ever… that right! (sar crewman of what? Apparently you are not a US crewman of anything…)

    • hp

      Winning is $econdary.

  • Where’s Senator McCain on this? He could care less unless he’s taking kick backs from his defense contractor and military industrial complex handlers.

    America, you need to know that as a candidate for US Senate, I expect to make this right again and to not only give jobs training, mental health care, housing and such to wayward veterans but to all homeless Americans because we can do better and I have detailed where the funds will come from while still cutting taxes. My numbers work and no one gets dumped or treated like this whether dead or alive.
    Someone has to work for the people.
    “We want our Liberty back. We’re not asking.”


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  • AR

    We want to know what the names of the mortuaries are, whom are handling the remains of fallen soldiers, and we need to find out if this is happening elsewhere. It is hard to believe that the families gave permission for this! If the soldiers are cremated the families should be given the ashes, not a landfill. Criminals and murderers dump bodies in landfills.

  • hp

    “In fact the media is owned by 5 or 6 mega-media companies run by corporate advertising executives and Washington.”


    Wall to wall “usual suspects”
    I don’t even have to say the name. Everyone knows.

  • sam

    They are just dumb animals or at least how they are described by many government officials. So who cares. They were paid mercenaries to kill unarmed civilians. Corporations and empire thrives and that’s all what’s important. They are not heroes but just murderous animals.

  • neil scott

    How do you explain how top teesside judges uk refused to jail a man who’s been arrested 24 times. That’s One Arrest per year over a 24 year period without serving a jail sentence. When do you perceive it to be a witness.a victim persecuted by Cleveland police officers Middlesbrough. Uk.