EXTREMELY CRAZY: Drive-Thru Fight – Pulled Her Out The Window!!!

Image: YouTube Video

Image: YouTube Video

A girl pulled other girl out of the drive through window onto her car, breaking her car glass window.

The fast food employee was pulled through a LaPlace restaurant drive-through window and beaten in the parking lot Wednesday night, authorities said.

St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the McDonald’s located at 1608 W. Airline Highway in LaPlace at 8:21 p.m. Wednesday following a disturbance.

Sheriff Mike Tregre said a 16-year-old female victim told deputies she was working the drive through window when a car pulled up.

“A female subject exited the car, opened the (drive-through) window, pulled her through the window and started punching her,” Tregre said in a release. “She said several other female subjects accompanied the assailant and punched her as well. The perpetrators fled in the car.”

Medical personnel evaluated the victim, and she refused treatment, authorities said. (source)

This is a very disturbing video, so view at your own discretion.