NASA Accidentally Exposes Themselves – Apollo Moon Landing Was Fake

BIN| For someone who regularly asks, what if everything you were ever taught was a lie, there have always been some things that just seemed off limits. Off limits meaning most of us know the criminal enterprise we call the U.S. government lies just about everything, but the Apollo Missions? Really? Say it isn’t so.

I’ll reserve judgment because all the camera stuff discussed in these videos really isn’t my thing, but I’ve always been in the “Only someone WAY out there doesn’t think the moon landing was real” camp. Now here I sit wondering if they might have an extra sleeping bag and some marshmallows.

Here’s what I do know: I have followed Rob Skiba for years on just about every form of media out there. First and foremost his faith comes before anything, so I don’t see any personal gain in his agreeing with Conscious Truth (who put out the videos) just for 5 minutes of YouTube attention. If anything, I would think it might hurt him.

I also know Rob’s attention to detail, so he’ll leave something out of a presentation if there’s even a chance he can’t prove it.

Finally, he’s an award winning film maker, so I’d like to think he knows what he’s talking about with all the camera information. I will say that I did find the argument about the size of earth in the pictures rather compelling, but I’m no expert there either.

Here it is – the Smoking Gun ….Proof that NASA fakes images of the Earth.

I have compared an image from Google Earth that shows the exact same part of Earth supposedly. You can clearly see that the NASA ‘photo’ shows Africa way too short in length. Also Madagascar is the wrong size.

Please think about the fact that the entire Earth is covered in water vapor and so therefore, you would never see vast areas of blue ocean as is depicted in the NASA phony image.

See my next video which exposes this aspect in detail. Thanks for watching and sharing.

  • chris

    This guy is ridiculous!! Obviously that video is cgi….what a joke

    • Dan

      Well genius, he wasn’t the one behind the cgi images of earth, it’s NASA! When nasa puts out ANY picture of anything in space, it’s always a cgi picture! The only photo they took of the entire earth was the Apollo mission, and that wasn’t legit either because they were busted when a portion of the video aired thoat showed them taking the pic out of a bubbled glass window, versus against the window itself and making it look like they were far enough from earth to take a picture of the entire “marble” when in reality they were in Lowe earth atmorsphere!

      Instead of assuming you know it all, maybe you should pay attention to what the person in writing about and what they are saying……something people under 35 do that makes them looking like bigger idiots

  • Smilin’ Jack

    This is a bunch of crap. Nobody should believe a word of it. It claims, “the entire Earth is covered in water vapor and so therefore, you would never see vast areas of blue ocean as is depicted in the NASA phony image.” Well, if that is the case, our weather satellites would only see a gray blob and we wouldn’t be able to see the stars on a clear night. If you say this image is phony, why don’t you go up there yourself and take a picture to show us we’re wrong? I’m waiting…

    • Marty Chamberlain

      those images are compiled.. you could not get far enough away in order to get a complete image in one take.

      • Smilin’ Jack

        Sure you can. It’s been done already.