WATCH!!! Virginia Shooting: Reporter Alison Parker Did Two Takes of Being Shot!


In the below video, videographer, Peekay22, points out that in the TV video, WDBJ reporter Alison Parker nodded her head several times just before being shot, whereas in the video taken by ‘alleged’ shooter Lester Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, there was no nodding.

Compare the two videos and see for yourself!


“It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled” — Mark Twain

Below is another video showing a little more information. 
Virginia Shooting – More Proof of 100% Staged!

SEE THIS: EXPOSED LIVE TV SHOOTING HOAX Fake News Reporter Alison Parker Shooting Compared to Real Shooting (VIDEO taken down, but I found another link to it, not from YouTube)

Videographer, Peekay22, has indeed done his homework well in exposing this shooting for the fraud it truly is..

One other glaring inconsistency that I and others noticed is where the script of paper that she is holding while doing the interview between Video One and Video Two is actually at a different position.. I ask everyone to slow down the video report and look at the paper she is holding.. It is definitely at a different angle!  Therefore there is indeed some “monkey business” here and shows that there indeed were two takes done for this shooting “incident”!

So let us summarize what we have here in this ridiculous fraud…The following are some of the key points that I have picked up (so far) from this fraud:

(1) Shooter is allowed into shopping mall BEFORE the hours it is supposed to be open.  Who let him in?

(2) Shooter approaches the victims on a wooden walkway that would have made sound as he approached the interview taking place and remarkably nobody notices? Amazing!

(3) Shooter is able to stand right there pulling out gun the first time, and instead of not shooting immediately, he pulls the gun back… Why?  Was he waiting for the right “cue” to take the “shot”?

(4) Alison Parker turns her head momentarily and thus sees shooter and does not react… Again, why?

(5) TV station cameraman is not even looking at the interview and not recording until gunman is right besides him… Why is he looking out over the balcony and not at the “interview”?  And why is he not reacting to this man approaching and standing right there besides him?

(6) Interviewee can clearly see gun out of corner of her eye as he approaches and waves it at Alison and absolutely does not react… Why?

(7) Neither Alison or interviewee react initially as gunman pulls gun out a second time aiming it at Alison… Nobody notices?  Why?

(8) Strong evidence of two takes for this shooting.. Alison nods in “take one”, while in “take two” her head is not moving.  And of course the paper she is holding is out of place between the two video shots…. How else can this be other than two takes being done for this fraud?

(9) Gunman fires off shots, but telltale signs of blanks are here including the acoustics from the gun are all wrong for being a real gun.. Sounds definitely correlate to gun shooting blanks…

(10) Alison’s reaction is all wrong and rather than fall down from being shot, is able to turn, scream, and run… No signs of clothing being torn as gun “bullets” hit her at all and no signs of blood anywhere…

(11) Hand of gunman appears to be white… While alleged gunman is black and hand should be black as well…. Some say this is due to lighting and not to do with gunman at all…. Possible inconsistency and pointing towards a real set up with the alleged gunman the person to take the fall for this fraud…

(12) Interviewee claims gun shot hit her in back, but she was turned to the gunman when the shots were fired.  Therefore how did gunman hit her in the back?

(12) “Boyfriend” of Alison Parker with his laughable photo “scrap book” of pictures that he is STILL carrying around …  And no tears being shed at all for the woman who is supposed to be the “love of his life”… Ridiculous to say the least….

(13) Alison Parker’s “father” Andy Parker has been exposed as a former actor… On day of shooting rather than grieve the murder of his daughter like other parents usually do, he is doing the media rounds showing no emotion in his face at all…

(14) Right on cue, both fraud Chris Hurst and fraud Andy Parker are suddenly media hounds promoting gun control…. Sandy Hook again, everyone?

Honestly, this list can go on and on, and I will add to it with the help of commentators who want to put in their own two cents worth…. But the bottom line is that in spite of our efforts in showing this to be a set up, most Americans are still gullibly thinking that it was actually real! (source)

FOOLS WHO CANNOT SEE THE CONNECTION: UN Gun Control Body Supported By Obama (& Attended By Him 2 Days Before Virginia Shooting Hoax) Sets Up “VETO-PROOF” FRAMEWORK! 

  • Shane waldron

    You’re an idiot..let’s break down what’s being showed..she’s nodding on camera on a NEWS CREW CAMERA!! Tell you see the professional cameraman shaking? Or his camera view bouncing or jumping? Hmm I bet it’s because it’s high dollar equipment..just like you can’t hear Adam ward breathing in the camera either..I guess that’s because he was a robot huh?? Now..the shooters video?? It was taken from a go pro or an outfit you see the steadiness of his camera? At points I can hear him even breathing through the microphone..furthermore I’m not sure exactly what your watching but even in the shooters video with all the shaking and poor video quality you can still see her nod her head… a slight change of angle, poor quality video, an a unprofessional camera man(shooter) all make it seem less of a nod..but still she’s nodding..there’s no 2 takes, there’s no different shirts on the shooter, there’s only speculation from nut jobs half way around the world or country..go back to playing call of duty and watching Hollywood horror effects, IN REAL LIFE STUFF DOESN’T HAPPEN LIKE IN MOVIES OR GAMES…

  • Esther Sch

    These videos, too, have been taken down. That in itself is disturbing.