American Soldier Telling The Truth About The Killings In Iraq! [Video]


Julie Telgenhoff| The young soldier in the below video, sold a lie, tells the truth about his time in Iraq, and anyone can hear and feel his truth via his words and disposition.

“We were all congratulated after we had our first kills.” …. He was told: “Whoever gets their first kill by stabbing them to death will get a 4 day pass when we return from Iraq.”


Most Americans don’t care and trust me I know so many in my own community who could care less because their life is just fine (so is mine, but I haven’t forgotten my spirit and why my soul incarnated into this physical body). In fact, most Americans won’t even listen to the ugly truths spoken by an actual soldier who was in the Iraq war because they think they are so much better than the rest of the global world to which their own military is told to murder many innocence in all these countries; resources stolen, a central bank installed, then a regime change (it’s getting quite old …the “He’s killing his people” lie).

Well hell is coming to America as she will be brought down to a 3rd world country; the plan is to shift the wealth from the West to the East (insider speaks out about the planned destruction of America). IF you do not own BILLIONS, consider yourself a serf to the ones who do have it and are bent on installing a global government.

They have been using the US military (usually young men right out of high school), and then when they come home from these fraudulent wars on terror, they are thrown away like a piece of trash (mere cannon fodder).

Listen if you can handle the ugly truth then share if you dare because in America, exposing war crimes is considered, NOT patriotic.