Obama, With HORNS Sprouting From His Head, Greets Pope!

fellowshipoftheminds.com| Sometimes, the truth just stares at us in our face.

Olaf Ekberg reports for The American Mirror, Sept. 23, 2015:

While President Obama was escorting Pope Francis today, cameras captured something coincidental — or subliminal . . . Obama appearing to having horns . . . and it wasn’t just from one angle.

It wouldn’t be the first time Obama had a set of horns.

A year ago on Sept. 15, 2014, while giving a speech in the White House, Obama also had horns coming out of his head.

obama-hornsAnd let us not forget the flies.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, an LA Times reporter assigned to follow Obama described the following creepy scene on a campaign stop one hot summer afternoon in Iowa:

“Obama was flipping burgers at a backyard barbecue, in what the campaign hoped would be an exquisite photo opportunity. A fly began circling his head. Then more flies. Pretty soon flies were swarming him, the burgers — everything. It was awful to watch.”

On June 16, 2009, while Obama was being interviewed in the White House, a fly kept buzzing around his head. Without a moment’s hesitation, Obama killed the fly with his hand.

And then of course there’s that mysterious, very long scar on Obama’s head:

left & right

enhanced left & right

How many 6’s can you spot in the above right pic? LOL