These Truths Are A Very Large And Difficult Pill To Swallow!

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“I want YOU to be the smartest guy or gal in the room so please watch and share this fascinating video. Many of the “lead researchers” in our movement focus on weather manipulation via solar radiation management or stratospheric aerosol geoengineering while others tell us to ignore the fact that mind control and depopulation are crucial pieces to this puzzle….I’ll be the first to admit that these truths are a very large and difficult pill to swallow. But they are absolutely essential to understanding the full scope of what we face.  – Greg Pallen U.S. Congress – 4th District GA

Kandy Griffin Vandawalker delivers an eye opening deep dive into the world of Nano technology and how it is being used to interface with the HUMAN ORGANISM to MANIPULATE, CONTROL and attempt to TRANSFORM our NATURAL/ORGANIC NATURE (that would mean YOU, Your Body and Mother Earth).