Lt Col Roy Potter (Ret): A Mind Blowing Message To ALL Americans And The US Military!


This video is by Lt Col Roy Potter (Ret) and the above photo is enough to explain the anger and disgust for US Policy and its enforcement arm, the Pentagon and DOD, the US Military; the Military Industrial Complex!

I support emotionally and physically wounded vets that were used up to the point of living death, just to be drugged to the point of suicide. But I do not support the US troops. I do not support “order followers” who follow unlawful orders for the money, opium, power, and sexual deviancy of the military industrial complex that profits from both sides of every war. I support the man in this video!

“That kind of courage, which is conspicuous in danger and enterprise, if devoid of justice, is absolutely undeserving of the name of valor. It should rather be considered as a brutal fierceness outraging every principle of humanity.” ~ Cicero, The Offices, Book I Chapter XIX

Most Americans would rather have that comfort zone vs the truth. That TRUTH will be reflected in the amount of shares this videos receives (that means YOU are just as responsible if you are too afraid to share it).

Listen to these BRAVE and TRUTHFUL words from Lt Col Roy Potter (Ret) …or don’t and what is being done in your name (Americans) will be reflected back 1000 fold to YOU per Universal Lore!