Is THIS What NASA Wants To Keep A Secret From Us?

Comp-1_3600018 VIA| A satellite image taken in earth’s orbit has leaked on the internet. The photograph sourced to Brazilla Planetarium has a strange subject matter. In the image a large disk is said to be seen hovering above the earth’s surface.

Estimations by relevant scientists report that the disk in the photo is considered to be somewhere between 3,000-5,000 miles in diameter. Yet, the photograph has not appeared widely in the world’s press.

Of the picture in its lower left-hand corner a cloud formation appears to be passing above the disk. Supposedly, this is confirmation of the legitimacy of the object in the photo.

In scientific circles speculations abound. “Are we being visited by Extraterrestrials? Is this documentation of some type of ‘Mothership?’

This agency will continue to monitor reports and as always, you decide.

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