LEAKED Information On The TPP You MUST Know!!!


So let me get this straight. A “trade” deal is agreed upon in secret where lobbyists get to place the “concerns” of corporations above the rights of the average human being. The larger populous of humans will be fully subject to “laws” that effectively TRAMPLE their rights, and they do not even get to see the full text of this so-called “free trade” agreement called, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Once again, humans beings continued to be fooled by words via their government; just like that “free trade” deal back in the 1990’s called NAFTA (you might want to click on that NAFTA link once you’re done listening to this IMPORTANT video that contains IMPORTANT information)!!!!

In addition, a hidden slap bang in the middle of this ” free trade” deal, is what will constitute an ENORMOUS attack on the freedom of speech under the guise of “protecting” copyright interests.

Why is this information significant? It demonstrates how the globalists are REALLY moving up to the next gear in their total control over the larger global populous. This (TPP) and the TTIP are large scale, brazen assaults on democracy RIGHT OUT in the open.

If government cannot change the laws of individual countries, hey, no problem …just create “free trade” deals where they conveniently bury totally unrelated provisions deep in the text, have unelected corporate traitors agree to the deal, and finally, get treasonous politicians to illegitimately bind the public to their terms without their knowledge or consent.

These laws are of course UTTERLY UNDEMOCRATIC. This should act as a WARNING to how LATE we are in THEIR game.

While the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is still unknown, a leaked provision shows what copyright legislation in member countries will look like. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky takes a look at what the effects of those changes might be.