EXPLOSIVE 9/11 REWIND: Donald Trump FAKE Green Screen “Ground Zero” Interview!

Image: YouTube Video Screenshot

Image: YouTube Video Screenshot

Julie Telgenhoff| Seriously folks, anyone who is still buying into the cabal’s newest POTUS psychological operation (PSYOP) called, The “TRUMP CARD”, well, keep on thinking that your savior, or any “savior” program is coming to the rescue and therefore, we humans have absolutely no responsibility to work on changing ourselves, our “handed down” belief systems, our fake and scripted reality …whatever!

This 9/11 video shown below is so “in your face” proof that Trump is just another NWO puppet. And all this babbling about the attacks on him by others in high positions, published by the US state-run corporate news and many alternative media websites …. is a pure PSYOP and BS.

“Well it’s tremendous power and tremendous heat  …the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building and 1600 degrees temperature, I guess that’s probably more than anything could take, no matter what.”  – Donald Trump

Go TRUMP! – A Sheep No More

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