WTF? Chemtrail Webs Falling from a Blue Sky in Texas!

Image: YouTube Video Screen Shot

Image: YouTube Video Screen Shot

Via The HAARP Report| This is amazing video of Chemtrail “webs”, floating about 200 feet off the ground. I’ve never seen any thing like it. This is an exact repeat of my previous Chemtrail Web video, one week earlier, but this time, I’m looking at the the webs before they reach the ground.

My trees are covered with webs again, a week after the first video. These MUST be NEW fibers since I had torrential rain and strong winds during the last week. Just like a week ago, the temperature was 70 F, and the humidity was 20%. The winds were calm while these webs were falling.

I think these filaments are the “undesired end product” of heavy chemtrail spraying over California and Arizona, four or five days earlier.

I am willing to bet these “inorganic” compounds continue to polymerize, causing them to get too heavy, to stay suspended.

Please, if you know someone who can do atomic spectroscopy on these fibers, many people, including myself, will send samples.

How to make your own video when you see strange webs falling from the sky:

Shade the camera lens under an awning; set your focus to manual, about 300 feet out; zoom in about 10X in HD mode; look as close to the sun as possible (never look at the sun with the naked eye, or with binoculars!).

The local spiders should still be alive since my area has not had a freeze yet. The coldest night, so far, was about 40 degrees F. Usually the spiders hang around and even try to overwinter, but they are suddenly gone, after last weeks’ chemtrail webs.

I think the spiders eat the chem-webs, thinking it is spider silk protein (which they can recycle), but instead it is an “inorganic”, metallic poison, which causes them to die quickly. There are some insects visible, at the 4:20 mark and later. Larger insects can break the fibers and survive, but small bugs get wrapped up and die.
The EPA is committing a criminal act by allowing this to continue.

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