San Bernardino Shooting Exposed as Total Hoax with Synthetic Gore Dummy| The following two images were sent to from an alert poster. This poster has broken the case wide open, exposing it as a total hoax. This phony shooting must go down in the annals of history as the most ludicrous, inane, supercilious hoax of all time.

Even so, there is no level to which the Zionists will descend in order to perpetrate their treacherous scams. Even so, no one should be shocked by the imagery. It’s not real but is instead Hollywood-style gore.

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How are these images the same? They do not look the same to any degree. Let us do a zoom in and see the difference:

syedfrarooqimagery-33 syntheticgoresyedfarooq

Can anyone imagine it? As in the Charleston, S.C., shooting hoax they went to all the trouble to make a wax dummy, that is a synthetic gore entity, the resembled the fake deceased in question, in the former case that arch-fabricator and fully alive individual, Clemente Pinckney. Now, Jewry went to all the trouble to make a fake head of Farooq. Notice, too, the size of the teeth, also the small nature of the mouth. It doesn’t look like Farooq to any major degree. Yet, the world will be bamboozled by this, make no mistake about it.

Regardless, the case by the Zionists for this being a real shooting is now exposed absolutely. What an arch-fake it is. How desperate are these Zionist criminals. Review the imagery carefully. Review it, and review it, again. They are not the same to any degree. The one on the left shows a life picture of the purported shooter, Syed Farooq, his face dressed in moulage red. What else is observed? His right eye is fully intact, no doubt, and the eye is shut. He actually has an eyelid in that imagery. Plus, he has an actual nose; it is fully intact, make no mistake about it. Additionally, there is fake blood all around next to his face.

Plus, his legs are crossed:


Arch-hoaxer Farooq is alive and well at this point. He does not appear to be excessively pale. Moreover, there is no evidence of any gunshot wounds that could account for the flow of the red matter seen next to him. Too, notice how it all ends at the edge of the cur, as if it has been poured from there:


It could have been poured from the center also, who knows? Yet, one issue is certain, there is no arterial splatter. Nor is there any oxidation of this material. Nor is it of varying color, as would be expected from an admixture of venous and arterial blood.


Farooq is alive, here. What happened to him? Did they turn him into a Hollywood prop?



Does anyone remember this freak from LAX? It has the same bugged-out eyes.

Nobody seems to care about Farook. Why should they? He’s alive and well:


Farooq is a local government asset. How much was he paid for his part in the role? Surely, it was considerable. Was CAIR also offered money?


They were killed, right. By the way, where is the corpse of the woman?



San Bernardino is in Hollywood’s back-yard. What else could be expected from the arch-hoaxers of the terminally corrupt Zionist cabal?

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