A Politician Tweeted About “San Bernardino” Terrorist Attack on Nov. 13th BEFORE It Happened!

fjhrs_360002 willyloman| In an effort to push for a new congressional authorization for the use of military force, a real Tweet from Newt Gingrich’s Twitter account dated Nov. 13th, stated the following:

“Maybe scale of the Paris attack following Russian airline bombing and California terrorist attack will convince our leaders this is real war” Newt Gingrich

Here is the Tweet itself. If given enough attention, I’m sure it will be gone in a short while.

Considering the implications of this Tweet, I decided to ask Newt about his statement.


Newt was forecasting the exact talking points being used right now to push for more war in the Middle East and across the globe.

Neocon warmongers are saying that these three recent events have seriously escalated the “war with ISIS™” to the point where we need to arm the president with a new authorization for the use of military force bill. They want to make war in places like Nigeria, Libya, Sinai, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and anywhere else various populations start to take exception to our American Exceptionalism.

The problem here is that Newt seems to have tipped his hand a little with this Tweet since the San Bernardino shootings didn’t take place until Dec. 2, 2015. And that phony pledge from the Facebook spokesman aside, they still haven’t tied it into ISIS™ (though now they seem to be trying to do just that with the mysterious, kidnapped, brainwashed “friend” of Farooq)

I decided to try to nip Newt’s response in the bud a little. I figure he’s going to try to argue that he was talking about another ISIS™ terrorist attack in California just prior to the Paris attacks. Problem is, none exists.

If you go to this webpage, they list all the major shootings in US history since 1984. Prior to San Bernardino, you have to go all the way back to May of 2014 and Isla Vista, Cal. That was that bad actor Elliot Rodger. In his lengthy manifesto and his multiple poorly acted “confession” type videos, he never once mentions ISIS™. It simply wasn’t terrorism. Or at least, not the kind Newt and his buddies at the MIC needs right now.

As far as events classified as “terrorist attacks” in California, the only thing that I see is the San Bernardino shooting.

Back in April of 2013, a couple guys took sniper rifles and shot an electrical substation. They tried to say that was terrorism, too. But it wasn’t.

But that’s all I have been able to find so I have to wonder, what California terrorist attack was Newt Gingrich talking about in his Tweet on Nov. 13, 2015?

Did he share his insight with local authorities?

Could the whole thing have been prevented if he did?

Was he forecasting a terrorist event in California… or asking for one?

When you consider the fact that Newt represents a group of individuals who have been calling for an escalation of the current war on terror for sometime and the fact that this terrorist attack in California provided just the right incentive to push congress and the American people toward accepting their desired goal… then you add in the undeniable fact that he mentioned the damn terrorist attack 2 weeks prior to it happening… seems pretty obvious to me the FBI should be dragging Newt Gingrich into an interrogation room instead of Enrique Marquez.

But that’s just me.