SERIOUS TYRANNY: “Obama Planning A SERIES Of Executive Actions” On Gun Control!


Julie Telgenhoff| The following video include clips from the US state-run REGIME TV news to which is controlled  by 6 monolithic corporations, Therefore, when you hear the paid TV talking head discussing all these recent mass shootings, remember the word “FALSE FLAG“.

I’m so tired of the complete ignorance of the American populous. I personally am not what I would consider a very intelligent person. I did have an IQ test when in 6th grade, and it scored very, very high, but I’ve always admitted to guessing at most of the questions that were asked on the test. In addition, I don’t even believe those tests are relevant because there is this God-given gift we humans all possess called intuition …and it’s that gut feeling when you just know something isn’t right and/or maybe it should be questioned so that one is determined to do their own research vs just believing everything they are told by this now completely controlled society.

The only good news about the eventual full on gun grab for America is that the people do understand the significance of the 2nd amendment in that when governments goes bad, and the people are without arms, the ones with the guns (i.e. government and their “order following” employees) usually end up having full tyrannical control over the populous. In addition, history proves that when the people are disarmed, Democide (aka: killing by government) always occurs.

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President Obama says he’ll use much of his final year in the White House pushing for gun control. In his weekly address, Obama said he’s planning a series of executive actions, which would NOT require approval from Congress.

How does that feel for living in the land of the PSYOP free?

Heads Up People! Please listen to these MSM clips taken by wwwMOXNEWScom: