Who Are You? And Why Are You Here? This Video Will Change Your Life!!!

Julie Telgenhoff| Who are you? Do you truly know who you are; what makes you, you? Why do you think YOU incarnated onto the planet earth? Have these questions ever entered your mind? Do you think it’s “normal” to even entertain these types of questions?

What is considered “normal” to you? What does being “normal” mean to you? What “normal” resonates with you? Is it getting up in the early morning, getting the kids ready for school, dropping them off while you go to work, coming home, making the family dinner, pressuring your kids to get their homework done, watching TV, going to bed then repeating this cycle each day until that precious weekend comes? And during those two days off from work, the expensive, mortgaged home and/or items purchased for pleasure get cleaned so these items can then be enjoyed and the game of entertainment and consumerism commences before we repeat that same cycle the following week; over and over again.


Do you like being in nature, enjoy gardening, like to cook, have a passion for the arts, love being by the ocean or having one on one conversations with those you care for? Or do you enjoy the way the world is now and also like having the ability to not be in the company of others, but still have the access and contact with people via text messaging and social media? Which one do you believe is considered “normal” in today’s world?

Would you like to be creative and use that creativity to make something you enjoy and believe others would enjoy and benefit from and find a need for it? Would you enjoy then being able to forget about the college debt scam dream and be able to turn that creation into a small business opportunity? Do you believe that skipping college is considered “normal” or not? Do you believe that being an apprentice for some company that you would enjoy learning about is considered “normal” in today’s world? Do you believe that being an apprentice for that said company could benefit you so that you could then eventually take what you learned and then be able to create and run your own business? Or do you believe this is beyond your capabilities and/or not considered “normal”?

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This amazing video serves as a reminder for many of us whose true dreams and desires have been disregarded or suppressed in order to fit in to some predetermined “normalcy” that we were innocently born into. In truth, so very many humans have no idea that the world does not have to be the way it is if we don’t fit into some established “normal” crowd.

It’s time for a great “paradigm shift” that also includes a shift in our consciousness. Did you know that YOU have the POWER to create that change IF you want a different definition of what is considered  “normal” in this world?

Everything ever created started out with a thought. I believe that if we give ourselves the time to slow down and connect with nature, then use our great gift of imagination that we possessed as children to which we always came up with things that we dreamed could come true, that we can then take those imagined thoughts/ideas and put them into ACTION.

Check out this video and let us know what you think! And remember, you are the choices you choose to make, but only if you know who you are and believe in yourself. Thanks.

Julie Telgenhoff is the creator of Sheep Media DBA: A Sheep No More:  websitetwitterfacebook and google+.

  • Diogenes Shrugged

    This commercial was brought to you by the globalist WWF. Smear yourself with mud, eat an earthworm and pay your carbon taxes, chump.

  • Rick

    Not sure who that was meant to appeal too, but i didn’t feel anything from it. It was completely empty of any real content and the message was pathetic, a very poor production produced probably to cause anxiety and emptiness! But hey, if it was really produced by WWF, then that does explain a lot!

    • Sheep Media

      Well dude, guess you just don’t get life because it got RAVE reviews on Facebook. And you’re probably one who does not understand what nature has to do with being Human and loves your servitude, but hey, thanks for commenting. I’ll be sure to keep you in the email list for “future” updates to valuable information your opinion just doesn’t like. Have a GREAT day!!! Hugs.