Are the Bundy’s Judas Goats? How to See Behind the Abuser’s Illusion.

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I believe the most important thing for humans to begin to get educated on is how the psyche is being manipulated. Our attention spans have deliberately been destroyed and therefore, many cannot even watch a 30 minute clip. And it is NOT their fault.

I can only speak for the country I live in …America. In opinion, we are being targeted by all the poison and mass mind control, brainwashing, but most importantly, psychological operations (PYSOPS).

If you have the time to listen to the first 30 minute video, great. If you agree or disagree, it is all fine by me. YOU Decide!!!!!!!

Then, to follow is a 25 minute video as a follow up to the one right below. It if interests you in understanding one of many ways we are all mind controlled, watch it too.

Via pocketsofthefuture

2nd video Via pocketsofthefuture: